Watching The Days Go By

I’ve been sleeping in the past few days.  This morning, I woke up around 9:30.  I looked at my phone and didn’t even hear the alarm.  I also missed some text messages.  Good thing they weren’t important. When my days aren’t productive, I tend to stay up late trying to make up for it.   This just perpetuates the problem.

My back is also starting to stiffen up.  I should restart all those exercises that my chiropractor has asked me to do.  I have a basic Ikea dining room chair that I use as my “office” chair.  I saw a store that sells refurbished office furniture and I might buy one.  It’s a good brand (Steelcase) and I’ve sat in quite a few of those chairs when I was working.

It’s also been perplexing for me these past few months.  I’m so easily distracted by social media – especially US politics.  I have to get back to some of the good habits I developed when I was working.



Making Moments Count

I follow a lot of accounts on Instagram.  It may surprise you to hear that some of them are fashion designers, planes, cats and fitness trainers.  There’s a local guy that I follow who seems to know what he’s doing.  He’s Chinese and seems to be well liked within his community.  I’m not really a fitness guy but I like his tips.

In his last few postings, he mentioned his latest podcast and it’s his first time interviewing a guest, a local trainer – another Asian guy.  In accompanying Instagram Stories (sort of like Snapchats – they disappear within 24 hrs), he mentioned how he’s trying to get out of his comfort zone more by doing podcasts and interviews.  Getting out of my comfort zone is something I like to do too so I related to him.

He started to post some clips from his podcasts – nothing unusual.  It was just 2 guys chatting and trying to act cool.  But in one of these clips, his guest seemed to make fun of a question.   The guest trainer went on about people who want to get as big (physically) as him.  He started to laugh and swear.  The host started to laugh too.  I think the message the guest was trying to say was it’s not just working out, it’s the dedication required to workout when you’re tired, it requires rest and a good diet.

But the tone was of elitism and exclusivity.  Both of us are  “in” and you’re not.  While I have been known to use 4 letter words (I can swear in Greek too but that’s another story), watching the 2 of them swearing and laughing stung.  They could have done a lot better and be more professional instead of acting like kids.  Turn the moment into something educational and maybe even inspirational.

I’m just venting a bit.

Makeup Please…

My weekly networking meeting with 3 other  job hunters was reduced to just 1 person.  2 of them said they had conflicts.  One of the things we did was to practice some interview questions.  She told me my answers were good but I looked old and tired. She reminded me I was competing with 20 year olds who have tons of energy.  I didn’t get a lot of sleep the night before so maybe that contributed to it.

“Old and tired”.  Ouch.  That hurt.

I felt better after a haircut and a walk. I debated about retail therapy but decided not to.




Mixed Emotions

I had a mixed day today. I got a text in the morning from someone I recently reconnected with.  He was an old squash buddy.  I had a great networking session with him last year.  He told me he has stomach cancer.  I mean, how do you respond?  I just told him I will keep him in my prayers.  I think I’ll write him a note this weekend after I gather my thoughts.

Lunch was better.  I met up with a classmate from my writing class.  When we introduced each other at class, I found out she knows my cousin from a film project they worked together.  And she heard of me and my siblings from my cousin.  During lunch, we chatted about writing, her next project, film making in general, a refugee she is helping and spirits.  She flies out next week for a teaching assignment.  Her life seems so rich with experiences and the people she knows.

Tonight, J came by with some take out food because it was just too cold to walk around.  We (well, just me) watched the basketball (Raptors won!) and the Junior Hockey gold medal game (Canada won!) and the usual political news.

It’s almost 2 AM and of course I can’t sleep.

I Just Want To Watch

There were only 5 tables in this coffee shop which was a disappointment.  I grabbed a coffee and sat down at the only available table.  I got out my book, a draft cover letter and my pen.  I thought a change of scenery might help me finish editing my cover letter for a job application.   The table beside me was very close to mine.  I didn’t want him to glance at my cover letter so I just read a bit.  After about 15 minutes, the guy at the table beside me left.  2 guys came in, 1 was an Asian male, mid 20s.  He got a salad while his friend had a sandwich. They sat down at the table beside me.

I took a quick glance. The Asian guy was a bit taller than me, he had a somewhat rugged look and in decent shape.  He and his friend were just within arms reach from my table.  The Asian guy had a very nice deep voice which always catches my attention.  As I tried to refocus on my task, I heard him say “… and that’s when I found my boxers.”

What?  I didn’t look up or act startled.  His friend chuckled a bit.  He lowered his voice again and I only caught bits and pieces of their conversation afterwards before losing interest.

Next time if you see someone in a coffee shop sitting nearby, I could be that stalker.  I’m not really reading.  Although you might see me turning the page and if you look closely, you’ll probably even see my eyeballs moving as if I was reading.  Creepy…. I know.

I have no idea why I like people watching. One of my earliest memory was declining to join games at nursery school.  There was always some activity where everyone got up, held hands, walked around the classroom and did stuff.   I just liked to sit and watch others.

My writing instructor told us people watching and overheard conversations are a great way to add or inspire elements to your writing.  So that’s why you’ll see me with a notebook – I look less creepy.













Need More Good Deeds

I was shoveling my sister’s driveway last night.  There was enough snow (mostly pellet like) to make it light workout.  I thought to myself, that this should count towards my good deeds for this year.  And since I also shoveled J’s driveway last night (with the help of his nephew), I should at least catch Santa’s attention.

Over the scraping sound of my shovel on the driveway, I heard “Ho Ho Ho”.  I paused.  That was weird.  It sounded so real.  And then “Ho Ho Ho – How is everyone tonight?”  I looked down the street.  It was Santa!  Well, someone dressed in Santa costume going into a house.

Oh well.  I guess I have to do a lot more good deeds before he’ll visit me.

Breezy Night

So this happened for a couple of nights.

I have been staying up late and reading on my laptop.  I’m not sleepy and I tell myself that I have to break this cycle.  Sometimes when my sleep gets interrupted, it takes a week or two to get back to “normal”.   If you picture a large square, my desk is in the top left corner.  My desk faces the wall.  There’s a window to my left.

So one night I was up late when I felt a slight breeze beside me.  There’s a vent on my right, close to the ceiling.  But I never feel anything from it.  The breeze just happened for about a second.  Enough for me to notice it but not long enough for me to pinpoint the source.

Last night, I was up late and I felt it again.  This time, it was a bit longer.  It felt as if someone had just walked behind me from my right to left.  There wasn’t anyone of course.  But I figured it was time to go to bed.  I slept with the lights on of course.