The Sun Will Rise Again

Someone recently asked me why I wanted to change careers.   I had done well at my previous career in IT.  She thought that starting over might be a waste of my talent and skills.  It would affect me financially.  So why take a risk?  I should at least consider going for a less demanding position but in the same field.   It would be a lot easier than trying to land a different job in a different field.

But I’ve lost my passion for IT.  I got into that field by luck and fortunately I did well.  I spent most of my time in management and not in a technical role.  I don’t want to go back to the long hours and the constant stress of trying to do more with less.  I got some decent awards, the pay was good but it’s was not growing.

But it’s been 2 years since my last paycheque.  From time to time, I do second guess myself.  Am I doing the right thing?  I think I am.  Am I being stubborn or determined?  What’s discouraging is seeing some of my peers getting jobs.  There’s a person in my networking group who’s been out for about a month.  He’s been on several interviews already with 2 more this week.  I also saw a job posting at one of my target companies.  he pay wasn’t the greatest.  I would have to commute, pay for parking and work evenings and weekends.  But it would have gotten me a foot in the door. I asked my cousin who works there.  He told me the competition will be tough.  I didn’t have the minimum 2 years in that field.  He knows there will be many others that have better qualifications.  I didn’t apply and sulked for a day.

I remind myself to stay positive, stay focused and keep my sword sharp.  Opportunities will eventually find their way to me and I need to be prepared.


“Cancer Is Completing My Life, Making It Whole”: The Blogging Journey of Julie Yip-Williams — Discover

I don’t usually reblog or share other blogs.  But this one affected me.  Maybe it’s because both of my parents had cancer.  I found out about this blog from an article somewhere and it was about her death.   Then it showed up again in my WordPress feed.  Coincidence?

In Julie Yip-Williams’ final blog post at My Cancer Fighting Journey, she recounts her blog-to-book journey.

via “Cancer Is Completing My Life, Making It Whole”: The Blogging Journey of Julie Yip-Williams — Discover


I was having dinner at a relative’s place and had parked my car on the road.  Someone then backed his car into mine which caused some minor damage.  To his credit, he knocked on the door and asked whose car it belong to.  I came out, took pictures and we exchanged contact information.  In the end, he decided to pay for the damages out of his pocket instead of going through insurance.

The damage wasn’t severe but it was on the expensive side.  It’ll cost him about $1,000 (CDN).  When we were exchanging emails, I told him I appreciated his honesty.  He could have simply drove away.  And with the snow, dirt, salt etc… covering up my car I probably won’t have noticed it for a few days.

I do want to repair the car.  I guess I could just as easily have taken the money and use it for something else.  But it’s just like an open wound and even though it’s an old car, I do want to keep it in decent shape.  And I also told him I was going to repair it.

Sometimes there are good endings to stories.


Early Morning

It’s 4:45 AM.  I’ve been awake for a couple of hours now.   I went to bed around midnight but a weird dream woke me up.  I don’t often remember dreams.  This time I was walking back to my house at night with some teen age kids.  I think I’m a teacher.  We’re coming back from the dock or a shoreline.  I felt something pulling on the sleeve of my hoodie.  I turn around and see my sleeve being pulled back to a gravestone.

It’s at least 100 feet away.  I pull my sleeve back and this girl shows up holding on to my sleeve.  She’s in her teens and doesn’t say anything.  I keep walking and trying to shoo her away.  I think I try to stand between her and the kid I’m walking with.  We start making menacing gestures towards each other.  That’s when I woke up.

It’s still dark outside.  I’m not sure if I want to walk around the park now.  The joggers and dog walkers aren’t out yet.  I think I’ll just slowly get ready for the day.  I know I’ll need a few cups of coffee today.

Keep On Trying

Lately a few people that I know have found jobs.  We all go to the same job counseling company and it’s good that they have landed.  Some are from a networking group that meet weekly.  I know how hard they’ve worked and the struggles they’ve gone through.

As for me, I have to continue to stay focus and not get complacent.  It’s so easy to take teh foot off the gas pedal. I just have to continue sharpening my resume, improving my networking, honing my interview skills and be more comfortable marketing myself.

But if any of you want to fork over a few hundred grand (Canadian), I would be okay with that too.

On an unrelated note, I sent a note to a friend of mine who has stomach cancer.  I just wanted to let him know I was still thinking of him.  He replied back and is scheduled for 8 rounds of chemo and surgery afterwards.  A week later, he sent me a photo of him with his bald head.  He’s still smiling with his wife behind him.  He told me it’s all in God’s hands now.  I hope he’ll be able to defy the odds and pull through.

Photo dump

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted pictures.  I’ve been taking pictures for ages but I don’t think I’ve improved my skills.  I think like any skill, I need to keep learning.  Sometimes things happen too fast and I’ve forgotten to change a setting in my camera or to hold my camera very still.  So I end up with an underexposed shot or a blurry shot.

  1.  From ArtScience Museum in Singapore (2016)

Singapore ArtSience Museum (2016)

2.  From Marina Bay gardens in Singapore (2016)


3.  Some guy from Taipei’s Pride Parade in 2016.  There were quite a few folks lining up to take his picture when he took off his tshirt. IMG_9779

4.  Vendor from night market in Kenting (2016).  IMG_7796

5.  Canada 150 CF-18 Hornet (demo) coming in for landing at Pearson Airport in Toronto after performing at the airshow.  (2017)IMG_1922

6.  F15 Eagle from Louisiana Air National Guard taking off at the London Air Show (2017).


Ok – enough procrastinating.  I better make dinner and get back to finishing off a resume for a job application!


Light My Fire

I saw this the other day and it struck a chord.

“Day one or one day?”

Will today be Day One of a consistent action plan to get to your new goal?  Or will it be “One day, I’ll get to it.”

I used to read a lot of business / motivation books early in my career.  Some of it was was probably fluff, but I didn’t care.  I just read to learn as much as I could.  I want to go back and rediscover the spark I had. I have no plans to be an executive or CEO of some company.  But I still want to make a meaningful contribution in whatever job I do.

The other day I attended a free webinar.  It was designed to sell you more stuff at the end.  But I got what I needed.  It reminded me to take responsibility for where I am in my life and to develop and execute a consistent action plan to move forward towards my goals.  The 2 presenters also warned against being complacent.  We always like to fall back to our comfort zone.

For me, it’s time to really focus on what I need to do to restart my career.  I should let doubt, negative emotions, distractions get in my way.