“Cancer Is Completing My Life, Making It Whole”: The Blogging Journey of Julie Yip-Williams — Discover

I don’t usually reblog or share other blogs.  But this one affected me.  Maybe it’s because both of my parents had cancer.  I found out about this blog from an article somewhere and it was about her death.   Then it showed up again in my WordPress feed.  Coincidence?

In Julie Yip-Williams’ final blog post at My Cancer Fighting Journey, she recounts her blog-to-book journey.

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I was having dinner at a relative’s place and had parked my car on the road.  Someone then backed his car into mine which caused some minor damage.  To his credit, he knocked on the door and asked whose car it belong to.  I came out, took pictures and we exchanged contact information.  In the end, he decided to pay for the damages out of his pocket instead of going through insurance.

The damage wasn’t severe but it was on the expensive side.  It’ll cost him about $1,000 (CDN).  When we were exchanging emails, I told him I appreciated his honesty.  He could have simply drove away.  And with the snow, dirt, salt etc… covering up my car I probably won’t have noticed it for a few days.

I do want to repair the car.  I guess I could just as easily have taken the money and use it for something else.  But it’s just like an open wound and even though it’s an old car, I do want to keep it in decent shape.  And I also told him I was going to repair it.

Sometimes there are good endings to stories.


Early Morning

It’s 4:45 AM.  I’ve been awake for a couple of hours now.   I went to bed around midnight but a weird dream woke me up.  I don’t often remember dreams.  This time I was walking back to my house at night with some teen age kids.  I think I’m a teacher.  We’re coming back from the dock or a shoreline.  I felt something pulling on the sleeve of my hoodie.  I turn around and see my sleeve being pulled back to a gravestone.

It’s at least 100 feet away.  I pull my sleeve back and this girl shows up holding on to my sleeve.  She’s in her teens and doesn’t say anything.  I keep walking and trying to shoo her away.  I think I try to stand between her and the kid I’m walking with.  We start making menacing gestures towards each other.  That’s when I woke up.

It’s still dark outside.  I’m not sure if I want to walk around the park now.  The joggers and dog walkers aren’t out yet.  I think I’ll just slowly get ready for the day.  I know I’ll need a few cups of coffee today.