Need More Good Deeds

I was shoveling my sister’s driveway last night.  There was enough snow (mostly pellet like) to make it light workout.  I thought to myself, that this should count towards my good deeds for this year.  And since I also shoveled J’s driveway last night (with the help of his nephew), I should at least catch Santa’s attention.

Over the scraping sound of my shovel on the driveway, I heard “Ho Ho Ho”.  I paused.  That was weird.  It sounded so real.  And then “Ho Ho Ho – How is everyone tonight?”  I looked down the street.  It was Santa!  Well, someone dressed in Santa costume going into a house.

Oh well.  I guess I have to do a lot more good deeds before he’ll visit me.


Breezy Night

So this happened for a couple of nights.

I have been staying up late and reading on my laptop.  I’m not sleepy and I tell myself that I have to break this cycle.  Sometimes when my sleep gets interrupted, it takes a week or two to get back to “normal”.   If you picture a large square, my desk is in the top left corner.  My desk faces the wall.  There’s a window to my left.

So one night I was up late when I felt a slight breeze beside me.  There’s a vent on my right, close to the ceiling.  But I never feel anything from it.  The breeze just happened for about a second.  Enough for me to notice it but not long enough for me to pinpoint the source.

Last night, I was up late and I felt it again.  This time, it was a bit longer.  It felt as if someone had just walked behind me from my right to left.  There wasn’t anyone of course.  But I figured it was time to go to bed.  I slept with the lights on of course.

A Free Lesson

It was a slow start for this week.  Instead of getting off at the starting line, I couldn’t even find the track.  After a couple of days of bad sleep, it finally caught up with me last night.  I finished breakfast in time for lunch.  I missed today’s networking meeting.  Oh well.   It’s easy to get complacent and easy to get discouraged.  I can’t let those 2 forces get to me.

The other week, I met up with someone from my bank who wanted to pitch some financial services.  He was in his 40s, well dressed (very nice suit, watch, cuff links, shoes were clean and shiny) confident and greeted me with a smile and firm hand shake.  What I liked about his presentation was how low key it was.  And he made it all about me.  He answered every question I had – sometimes using a brief anecdote or a few key facts he had tucked away.  Everything about the presentation was how they could help me.  It wasn’t a hard sell but more of a “Hey, I can help you.  Let me tell you a bit about what we do.”  He sprinkled the presentation with some questions of his own to get to know my concerns.  Afterwards, he emailed me a thank you note and a brief summary of  his services.

Once I got home, I realized what he did was exactly what I should do when I get a job interview.   It was one of the best things I’ve learned recently.


Photo dump

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted pictures.  I’ve been taking pictures for ages but I don’t think I’ve improved my skills.  I think like any skill, I need to keep learning.  Sometimes things happen too fast and I’ve forgotten to change a setting in my camera or to hold my camera very still.  So I end up with an underexposed shot or a blurry shot.

  1.  From ArtScience Museum in Singapore (2016)

Singapore ArtSience Museum (2016)

2.  From Marina Bay gardens in Singapore (2016)


3.  Some guy from Taipei’s Pride Parade in 2016.  There were quite a few folks lining up to take his picture when he took off his tshirt. IMG_9779

4.  Vendor from night market in Kenting (2016).  IMG_7796

5.  Canada 150 CF-18 Hornet (demo) coming in for landing at Pearson Airport in Toronto after performing at the airshow.  (2017)IMG_1922

6.  F15 Eagle from Louisiana Air National Guard taking off at the London Air Show (2017).


Ok – enough procrastinating.  I better make dinner and get back to finishing off a resume for a job application!


Let It Go

I was sitting in the traffic yesterday waiting to enter into the highway.  It was late afternoon and the streets were jammed.  From past experience, I knew I had to get to the lane early and I did that a kilometer before.  It’s an odd intersection with only 1 lane going to the highway right after the traffic light.  There are 4 lanes.  The first 2 curve to the left to another street.   The 3rd lane goes to the highway although you can stay on it to go to that other street.  The 4th lane is the right lane and it turns right at the lights.  What also complicates things is that the cars from the right lane also want to move to the first 3 lanes. I’ve gotten used to cars who just want to cut in right before the lights because they didn’t know or didn’t want to line up early.

Just as it was my turn to go past the light and to the highway, a car on my left pulls up ahead of me to cut into my lane.  He can’t because of another car in front of me.  Eventually the car in front of me does move.  But the car on the left doesn’t move because he’s not sure if I’ll let him in.  Another driver leans on his horn and he eventually moves in.  As he does, one of the passenger gives me the finger.

A**hole.   Do I do what I usually do and chase him down to compare our middle fingers?  My right foot was ready to floor it and cut in and out of traffic to get him.  But I take a few deep breaths and let it go.  Maybe he didn’t know that I wasn’t the guy who honked at him.  Maybe he was having a bad day.  Who knows but I decided not to let him control my mood for the rest of the day.  Eventually I pass him on the highway.  I didn’t even bother to look at him or the passengers.  I guess I’m becoming a bit more mature.