My Writing Class

I’ve completed my writing course a couple of weeks ago.  I enjoyed it and I miss it. I did “dread” the weekly deadlines to write a 3 to 4 page story highlighting certain elements (e.g. dialogue, detail, mood…).  Sometimes I couldn’t figure out what to write.  But I always managed to write something.  What I found interesting was no matter how different my stories were, the instructor felt it was the same narrator. She thought my stories were intertwined.

The class was small and that meant there was more time for us to ask questions.  It worked out well.  The instructor was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic.  The readings she handed out were very useful and illustrated the themes of each lesson. She gave us some very good tips and advice.

One thing I wasn’t used to was reading my story to others and listening to other stories.  I was always nervous.  The instructor told us that when we’re editing our stories, read them out loud. Focus on the sounds and rhythm.  Sometimes a short sentence might work better.  Perhaps we want to use hard consonants to emphasize a point.  We read a passage where there was a series of short sentences.  The sounds of the sentences mirrored the passage of a man, in chains, walking down the hall.

There were days when I would spend hours writing and revising my story instead of focusing on my job search.  I justified that by telling myself it was a good investment of my time.  *rolls eyes*  I was glad to take the course.  It was a last minute decision because of the cost.  But it was worth it.  I have a lot better appreciation of the craft of writing.



Light My Fire

I saw this the other day and it struck a chord.

“Day one or one day?”

Will today be Day One of a consistent action plan to get to your new goal?  Or will it be “One day, I’ll get to it.”

I used to read a lot of business / motivation books early in my career.  Some of it was was probably fluff, but I didn’t care.  I just read to learn as much as I could.  I want to go back and rediscover the spark I had. I have no plans to be an executive or CEO of some company.  But I still want to make a meaningful contribution in whatever job I do.

The other day I attended a free webinar.  It was designed to sell you more stuff at the end.  But I got what I needed.  It reminded me to take responsibility for where I am in my life and to develop and execute a consistent action plan to move forward towards my goals.  The 2 presenters also warned against being complacent.  We always like to fall back to our comfort zone.

For me, it’s time to really focus on what I need to do to restart my career.  I should let doubt, negative emotions, distractions get in my way.

Sis problems

My sister’s health hasn’t been great.  She’s been to hospital a few times this year.  I’m sure part of the problem is her fitness and diet.  Like me, she doesn’t sleep well – perhaps less than I do.  I think I come from a family of insomniacs.  Whenever there is bad weather (rain, wind, thunder) – she doesn’t sleep.  She’s been like that since she was a kid.  On bad nights, when she’s stressed out – her blood pressure and heart goes crazy.  So I stay over.

I guess it works out that I’m not working.  All her blood work, heart, thyroid, urine have checked out so far.  It’s puzzling.  She has one more blood test to do.

Stay healthy everyone.  Go out for a walk.  Do some stretching.  Eat healthy.  Get some quality sleep.