Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

It’s one of those days.  I had a lot of trouble signing on to LinkedIn using their 2 step verification process.  When I sign in, I get a text message with a 6 digit code on my phone so I can complete the sign in.  Today, that number didn’t show up until much later.  By the time I get it, I think it exceeded the time limit.  I thought it was a problem with my phone so I rebooted it.  I checked LinkedIn help and there isn’t a help desk.  I rebooted my laptop and forgot to save a document.  I tweeted LinkedIn.   I think the problem is with my carrier.  I scoured the internet to see if there was a problem.  Finally on the 10th or 11th time, I got in. Time lost – 1 hour.  In hindsight, I could have done something else.  But I was worried there was something wrong with my account.

It’s small stuff like this that seems to throw my day off.

p.s. has anyone had cortisone injections before?  I’m curious what your experience was and any side effects or long term effects.



My Heart is Like an Open Highway…

I have good days and bad days.  Being out of work makes those bad days worse than they used to be.  I do recover.  Sometimes it just takes a walk on a nice sunny day; reading a piece of writing; admiring a wonderful picture; listening to uplifting music or eating good food.  But it takes longer now and I am feeling more vulnerable.

I’m not looking for sympathy.  I just wished there was a way to rebound faster.  I need to get moving with life.


Do You Like to Write?

While we were playing with letter tiles, she asked me “Do you like to write?”

“I do.”

She continued to organized the letter tiles from Bananagram into piles of letters.


“Because it’s fun.”

She paused.

“Once you learn more words, you can read more books and do more with words.”

A conversation I had with my 7 year old “student” at the library where I volunteer.  It came out of the blue.  Earlier that day, I was thinking about my writing class and how passionate the teacher was about the craft of writing.  I saw the same passion with my other writing teacher too.

Colours at Night

The other night, something odd happened as I was about to sleep.  I turned off the light beside my bed.  The only other light is a faint orange glow from the on/off switch of a powerbar at the floor.  I closed my eyes and I saw splashes of colours moving around.  There were silhouettes of something short and worm like moving around.  I thought I was already in a half awake / half asleep dream world.  I opened my eyes and saw darkness.  I closed it and all those colours appeared again.  I repeated it several times with the same result.

Shortly afterwards, I fell asleep.  The next night, those colours appeared again but were almost bleached out.  They never showed up again.

Hopefully I’m not going crazy.