He’s a 5 year old boy – a member of my extended family.  He also has some psychic abilities.  His parents noticed orbs floating around his bed when he was just a baby.  A family friend explained to them what they were.  When the child could talk, he would sometimes point to an empty spot in the room and say “he’s there” and then “he’s gone”.  His parents have been very calm about his ability and don’t make a big fuss out of it.  The other day, his parents asked him what he wanted for his birthday.  They expected him to say another Lego set.  Instead, he told his dad “I want God to bring your grandfather back.”

His father was puzzled and asked if he meant the kid’s grandfather.  He said “No daddy, your grandfather, not my grandfather.”  His parents aren’t religious and he hasn’t been exposed to any religious teachings.  The father’s grandfather passed away years before the kid was born.  After a brief chat with their son, the parents find out the dad’s grandfather “visits” frequently.

I thought his ability would diminish as he gets older but maybe it won’t.  His grandmother also has some of these gifts.  It’s her father who is the one “visiting” his great grandson.

These things have always intrigued me so I find all of this fascinating.



24 thoughts on “Spirits?

  1. What an incredible gift. He is so young and without fear. It’s amazing that he is able to communicate with beings from another world, and to convey thoughts back to his parents about what he sees.

    He seems like a special little boy, and like you, I’m also fascinated by the unknown.

    Most of us are so rooted on this earth that it’s hard to imagine a different dimension. I hope his parents continue to nurture his ability.


    • His parents are treating him like a normal child. I think he starts T ball this year. The parents are keeping an open mind about it. His younger brother doesn’t have this ability though.

  2. I’m glad his parents are being calm about it, asking him questions, and letting him express himself without being critical of him, or dismissing it, or anything. Hope they can continue to encourage him to be himself.
    I find this to be so very cool! 🙂
    I think there is much out there in the world, spiritually, and most people are so focused on their own life they don’t even have a clue.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  3. It’s great that his parents seem supportive of his gifts. I wonder how he will cope when he gets older and has to deal with non family members who may not be as supportive.

  4. I forget the name of the movie I saw several years ago, where a child had similar gifts. I wonder if there can be some kind of therapeutic sessions to learn/teach kids like these, so everybody learns from his experiences. I have heard of such kids who continue to feel like this up until ten or twelve I think, and then miraculously they forget about this phase of their lives.
    Keep us posted Matt, I would like to know more.

  5. fascinating indeed. i do believe in the existence of spirits. and that they are many of them among us. i’m not religious, but i do believe in these things. and what makes them good or evil depends on how they were when they were humans.

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