I just submitted a job application and won’t you know it, I goofed up.  I did a bit of digging and figured out the name of the hiring manager.  But the job posting on LinkedIn didn’t have the hiring manager’s name or title.  In various drafts, I had the name in but I finally took it out at the end just in case I was wrong.  So I used the dreaded “Dear Hiring Manager”.

After I submitted it on the company’s website, I noticed who the job reported to.  It didn’t have the name but her title.  Of course, the title was for that person’s name that I had.  I had even gone on her LinkedIn.  What ticked me off was that I went through the posting a few times but missed this.  I’m just kicking myself now.

The job is at one of my target companies but it’s only a 1 year contract.  And the salary is a lot lower than what I used to make.  But I need to get my foot in the door.


20 thoughts on “Growl

  1. Sorry this happened…but stuff like this does happen. And we live and learn.
    You are right about “get a foot in the door”…I think that is always good and pays off. If nothing else, we learn from every job we have….and one job can be a stepping stone for another, better job.
    Continued best wishes, Matt.

    • Thanks… I hope to get an interview. I spent a lot of time customizing my resume and cover letter.

      Keep upgrading your skills whether it be Mandarin or other business / technical skills. Read up on writing resumes and cover letters so that you’ll be ready when you need to send one out.

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