Lunch with another ex Xangan

I had lunch with Gary and his friend Will when they were visiting Toronto this past week.  Gary used to blog on Xanga (CurryPuffy).  I don’t remember exactly when I subscribed to him on Xanga – likely late 2000s.  His blogs were usually a lot of travel and food posts.  He would usually start each paragraph with a small Snoopy GIF.   I always had the impression he was a classy, soft spoken kinda guy.  He was always helpful and polite when I emailed him looking for travel tips.

We met at the lobby of the hotel where he was staying.  He still looks the same as his Xanga profile pic from years ago.  We walked to a nearby restaurant.  I usually worry about what to talk about or if I talk too much or too little.  Chatting with both of them was easy even if I did blabber on a bit too much.  We chatted about the people we knew on Xanga, where they visited, who picks the places to eat (for this trip – Will picked the restaurants), what’s going on in our lives and traveling in general.  Both of them were very easy to talk to. It’s interesting when you “know” someone but haven’t met them in person.  After lunch we walked back to their hotel and got some pics of each other.  I hope to see them again.  Both Gary and Will are really nice gentlemen.


Here’s what I ate.

The lunch was pretty good.  The restaurant (Luma) was offering a fixed priced lunch menu as part of Summerlicious.

Strawberry feta salad (romaine, toasted almonds and champagne vinaigrette)IMG_5861

Peameal Bacon BLT (vine-ripened tomatoes, basil aïoli, arugula, kettle chips).  The bacon was nice and I was so stuffed I couldn’t finish all the chips.


Coconut cream + pineapple tart – this was very nice.  IMG_5864



26 thoughts on “Lunch with another ex Xangan

  1. So good of you guys to meet up. We have such a lovely blogging community 🙂

    I have yet to meet Gary and hopefully will get the chance one day.

    The food looks nice and really expensive lol

  2. YAY! So nice you guys got together. Seems like some Xanga gods made a couple meet ups happen. I’ve met Gary once before and I remember him being very nice too. Do you know if he still blogs? We are Facebook friends but it’s not the same.

    Btw, I totally miss Summerlicious. I would always go crazy making reservations.

  3. What fun! Good food, good friends, so conversation! I’m glad you got to have this meet-up! 🙂
    I’ve only met one Xangan in person…and we get together once or twice a year.
    I talk to 6 Xangans by way of phone and texts…on a weekly basis (or more often) basis. I have many other Xangans who are e-mail pals. And there are 3 who send snail-mail back and forth with me. 🙂 Good friends, all of them! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  4. Hah cool. You never met me in person, but I’ve met Gary for dinner once. That guy sure gets around the world!

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