Lusting Sleep

Me:  Come to bed with me, don’t play hard to get again.  I love to wrap my hands around you.

Sleep:  You slave – keep begging.

Me:  You’re my master and you own me.

Sleep:  That’s a good start but you’re not worthy of my company.  I want you to spill secrets.

Me:  You already know my secrets.

Sleep:  But your readers don’t.  Hahaha…

Me:  They know me already.

Sleep:  But not those deep, dark secrets.  Well, if you don’t want my company then I have other things to do.

Me:  You prick, I’m taking my meds.

Sleep:  No you won’t.  You need to get up early and you have a busy day.

Me:  I’ll get a couple of espressos.

Sleep:  You’ll still be groggy.  Just spill some secrets and I’ll be get in bed with you.  Just close your eyes and imagine how delicious I am.

This is the kind of crap I go through most nights.  No secrets yet… maybe another time.  But what would you like to know?



15 thoughts on “Lusting Sleep

  1. Did your parents ever have trouble sleeping, Matt? How about your siblings?

    Not even forcing yourself to wake early each morning, and then naturally falling sleepy due to lack of sleep the night before helps?

  2. A good write, but so sorry to hear you are still having sleep issues/lack of sleep issues, Matt. 😦

    I have developed a “routine” that works for me most nights, and I can get 6 good hours.

  3. Sleep is elusive, especially when you have lots on your mind. Meditation helps, and if you’re interested, I can recommend a 10 day silent course (no fee) that I’ve done since my twenties. Email me from my blog 🙂 eden

  4. I hear you loud and clear. For the last several months I sit and paint from 9:30 till almost 11:45 or so, then go to bed and read for about half hour, and finally fall asleep really well until 6;30 or 7 in the morning. When I feel like I need to sleep during the day occasionally, to make up for my sleep, I do that too during the day.
    I wish you good sleeping nights dear heart.

    • I slept around 1:30 AM last night and woke up around 8:30 AM. I didn’t even hear the alarm which was set for 6 AM. But it was a very refreshing sleep. It’s great that you’re dedicating a lot of time for your art. Keep that up!

    Many people have problems with the difficulty to sleep . Life is more stressing than before .
    In friendship

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