Aging Body

My body has been out of rhythm for awhile now.  I’ve had foot problems since my 20s and had to wear orthotics to address pronation problems my flat feet.   Now I’ve got some pain in one of the joints of my second toe (capsulitis).  I had it last year but it went away when I got new orthotics and new shoes.  My podiatrist suggested getting new shoes again with more cushioning in the midsole and less toe lift.  The orthotics are still in decent shape.  It can be painful walking sometimes and unlike last summer, my daily morning walks has stopped and my weight is slowly climbing back up. It’s just so frustrating.

My shoulder and thumb are slowly healing.  Once it fully heals, I can start lifting some weights.  I had an eye infection (stye) but thanks to some antibiotic eye drops, this is now going away.  I also have a bit of a stomach flu but it was mild compared to the food poisoning I picked up Singapore.   Hopefully it be gone by the weekend.

I need to find the fountain of youth.


12 thoughts on “Aging Body

  1. 😦 Aw, aging bodies are a bummer…and we all go through such aches and pains and stuff at some point. 😦
    Sorry you are dealing with all of this, Matt. One thing would be bad enough. 😦
    I hope you, and all your parts, are better soon.
    When you find The Fountain of Youth, would you blog about it, so we can all get in on it! 😉 😀 Maybe bottle it and sell it?! 😀

  2. Hope you’re on the mend. My patella popped out during a lunge in a yoga class last week. I was carried out by 3 muscular men. But hoo boy, the pain was AWFUL! Just when I thought I’d need an ambulance, the bugger popped back in place and I’m better than new now.

    Also, doing physio and continuing with exercise. It’s important to maintain the strength in your limbs and body even if you’re in pain. I think you know your own pain threshhold, so I’d recommend you do what you can. Sitting for long and not moving is not good.

    As for the fountain of youth, let me know where it is when you find it! 😉

  3. Sorry you are having problem with the foot. Did the podiatrist offer to give a shot of cortisone? That will do the trick. Don’t get sick again like you did in Singapore. That was no fun I am sure.

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