Shouldering Some Pain

I’ve visited my chiropractor twice recently. My back was giving me some problems and I also have pain in my shoulder and thumb.  My doctor told me to get some physiotherapy.  Since I was seeing my chiropractor about my stiff back, I showed him the diagnosis from my doctor and asked if he could also help.  So my chiropractor worked on my back, shoulders and thumb for about 45 mins.

It’s always a bit awkward for me to see him.  He’s young, Chinese, incredibly good looking, muscular and always looks like he just stepped out of a fashion shoot.  I try not to tense up when he touches me.  He held my hand while he worked on my thumb which made me swoon a bit.  While he was holding my hand and making small talk, he mentioned an upcoming vacation with his girl friend.  I think this is what straight guys do to make sure there are no “misunderstandings”.

I have a date an appointment with him again this week.  On a more serious note, I hope my shoulder will heal.  I can’t figure out what I did to injure it though.






22 thoughts on “Shouldering Some Pain

    • I have very high ethical standards. lol…
      On a serious note, he detected a problem in my hip and was working on it today. Oh boy – he makes me feel like an awkward 14 yr old boy.

  1. Ha! This made me laugh, Matt! 😀
    Well, if you have pain, it doesn’t hurt to have handsome, fashionable, muscular, etc., doc working on you! 😉 (Wink!) Does he have a good personality, too!? 🙂

    Hope your parts are feeling better by now. Pain is a bummer. 😦

    I’ve been AWOL from WP for a week…trying to play catch-up today!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. Hahahahaha! I think you should make more dates with your chiropractor and give me his details if I need help when I’m back home. It’s funny as I didn’t know where your post was going at first and I was going to tell you about my cute Shanghainese gay physiotherapist… On a serious note, hope you’re feeling better!

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