Great Article from NYT

This is a beautifully written story by Catherine Porter formerly of the Toronto Star.  I took a peek at the story and couldn’t divert my attention.

What’s weird is that at a webinar this morning, there was a demonstration about putting your life’s priorities first before taking on the other less important but time consuming tasks.  People were given a empty bowl along with 2 bowls.  One had small gravel representing the many urgent but not important tasks in life.  The other bowl had large rocks representing things like health, passion, love, family – the important things in life.  They had to fill the empty bowl with the contents from those 2 bowls without going over the top of the bowl.

Of course, if you filled the bowl first with the small gravel, you couldn’t add all the big rocks in.  The trick is to put the big rocks in first and then pour the small gravel so they fall all around spaces left by the big rocks.

Sometimes I think life sends us messages in many different ways.


18 thoughts on “Great Article from NYT

  1. My monk also uses that rock/gravel metaphor. Very simple yet powerful message. What will you be filling your bowl with?

    The other metaphor my monk uses is also the concept of holding a glass of water. The longer you hold the harder it is but you can just put it down and feel relief. The cup of water is all those negative thoughts in our head. I guess the trick is how to put it down.

  2. It is indeed a very powerful message. I have heard a similar metaphor in a different form, given by a professor in a class. I loved it then, and I appreciate it better now.

  3. Life does.
    And thank you for the link! This is a profound, powerful lesson!
    Sometimes people are so focused on the “gravel” of life, and the” large rocks” of life get ignored. 😦
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

  4. I read via the link the story of the organized death of Mr sHIELDS and I found it was very sad .
    But the metaphore of the glass and the rocks or gravels is good . But is it in relation with Mr Shield ‘s end ?
    In friendship

    • The article about his death is a reminder that one’s life needs to be filled with important, meaningful things. The other thing I got out of the article is how people can control the end of their life to ease the physical pain from illness or disease. I know when my time comes, I don’t want my life to be artificially prolonged machines and tube.

  5. Beautiful article. Life does go by so quickly, and in the end, we only hold on to what’s important to us. It’s not about quantity of life for me, but quality … Of course, the longer you live, the more time you have to create something meaningful. I’ve seen the video with the stones and pebbles – powerful message delivered in a visual way.

    Thanks for sharing Matt, oxox

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