Rock A Bye Baby…

I was about to go to sleep when a car alarm went off.  It kept on going so I went to the window to see which stupid car it was.  It was some SUV parked across the street, the trunk was open.  But no one showed up.  After a couple of long minutes, it finally shut itself off.  I was about to go back when I saw two nicely dressed women scampering around the corner.  One of them squatted on the sidewalk to pee while the other tried to cover her.

Ugh.  I just know I’ll have either a sleepless night or nightmares.

Sigh – the quality of my writing has reached a new depth.


16 thoughts on “Rock A Bye Baby…

    • Some nights I’m asleep by midnight. But it’s been inconsistent. There have been many nights where I’m still awake past 2:30AM. I still set my alarm for 6 to stay within my old waking up hours. I do sleep in if I haven’t had a good night sleep. Then I feel bad about sleeping in because it feels like I’m lazy.

  1. Well, I love reading about what you see and experience and your insight into people and life, Matt. 🙂
    Peeing on the sidewalk! 😦 People be crazy! 😦 Ugh, makes me glad I take off my shoes, leave them by the front door, and don’t wear them on the carpet.
    Sorry to hear about your continued sleep issues. 😦
    (((HUGS))) and hope you get some good sleep tonight. 🙂

  2. Keep at it, Matt. Your perceptive eye will record what you find interesting, and writing your thoughts will commit it to paper. It’s a process no matter what you write.

    We are always our own worst critics. The truth is it’s not for US to judge our writing — it’s for others to do so. Once we start questioning what we do, it will paralyze us because we can NEVER be satisfied. I’ve gone through it, and it’s hard to climb out.

    You can only keep writing. If you want to consider writing based on a prompt to give you ideas, I’d suggest the WordCount Podcast. I may have mentioned it to you before. It hones your skills as a writer. Sometimes, an external idea is necessary to get the creative juices flowing.

    Try it if you’re interested. It’s on every month.


  3. I wonder if someone tried to tamper with the car and so the alarm went off! I would be, uncomfortable if that happened to mine in the middle of the night and I see the trunk open!!
    I am with Carolyn. Indecency comes in all walks of life I guess, but I leave my street shoes by the door and slip my feet in my house shoes or slippers, depending on the time of the year!
    Have you tried Sleepy Tymes. green tea at night Mattie? it is really pretty good.

  4. Your place must makes for good people watching. Well not good for seeing people urinate in public of course haha

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