Rain, Pain and Slowly Going Insane

Looking for a job is a job.  Lately, I just don’t feel like working.  When people ask me what I want to do, I give them my usual 30 second commercial.  But deep down, I just want to read, write and take photos.  When I walk by a panhandler, I sometimes see myself in that role.  It’s illogical and unsettling.

Anyways… I’m tailoring a resume to a job opening.  I hope to finish it today and move on to the cover letter.

The cool and rainy weather the past couple of days hasn’t helped my mood.  And my DSLR is spitting out error messages (err 99 code).

I think it’s time to restart my gratitude journal.


25 thoughts on “Rain, Pain and Slowly Going Insane

    • There is unemployment in US and Canada (where I live). The rate in Canada is 6.7%. I would say there are more jobs now that are contracting and part time so it’s difficult to get a decent living wage and benefits. I’m looking to make a career change from IT to positions where I can utilize more my interpersonal skills and relationship building in the area of higher education or public sector. But I’m keeping my eyes and ears open to other opportunities.

  1. Yes, focusing on things we are grateful for…always helps.
    You are in a tough spot 😦 But, please hang in there and keep doing what you can do. And in the meantime enjoy your reading, photography and writing.
    Continued best wishes!

  2. Just a few thoughts here. Think of this as an opportunity. A rare chance to actually find something you love doing that will make enough money to pay the bills. I believe you can do that. You are a smart and talented guy. Don’t miss the chance. You will kick yourself for the rest of your life if you do. Be safe, my friend.

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