Life Goes On

I got an email a few weeks ago that my uncle passed away.   I didn’t know him that well.  He had 2 wives and growing up, we only saw the cousins from his first wife.  There were already emails alerting us that his health was very poor and he was already on “do not resuscitate”.  So his passing wasn’t a surprise.  I think my relatives are relieved that my uncle passed away in his sleep. His physical suffering is now over.

A few weeks ago, I was messaging with a friend from Xanga.  We had chatted a few months ago and he told me he was expecting his second child in February. I didn’t hear anything from him so I emailed him.  So he messaged me back the next day with updates and pictures of his baby boy.  He also chided me for not having Facebook where he posts all his updates.  His baby boy looks exactly like him.  I liked the photo where he and his daughter are both kissing his son. We chatted for awhile.  I then told him I needed to make dinner. He told me his daughter was cuddling him while he’s feeding his baby boy.  It reminded me at one point in my life, I wanted to have a child.  I feel sad that I can’t make that dream a reality.

Life goes on.



15 thoughts on “Life Goes On

    • Thanks Andrew – I’m sure his family is relieved. I don’t really know him, my last meeting with him was many years ago and prior to that – maybe it was when I was less than 10 yrs old.

      As for kids – oh well. It’s not the end of the world. Someone suggested I become a sugar daddy but I don’t think so.

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss, Matt. 😦 It is difficult to see our parent’s generation of relatives die. Soon they will all be gone. 😦 May your uncle rest in peace. I’m glad he is no longer in pain.

    I’m so sorry to hear about you not being able to have a child. 😦 That is very tough for you. 😦

    I know these things might be difficult and not the same as having your own…but could you adopt, or do volunteer work with kids, or be involved in the lives of any neices or nephews???


  2. Sorry to hear about your uncle passing away. Even if you were not close, it must have come as a shock.

    Like you I don’t have FB and sometimes feel ostracized because others expect me to be on it. So at times I miss out of information. Oh well.

  3. I did not see this post until now Matt. Such a relief that your uncle is not suffering any more. I am sorry that your dream of having a baby didn’t materialize.
    Love you Mattie.

  4. first of all, condolences on the passing of your uncle. second, i believe that it is not necessary to actually have a child to be able to enjoy the company of children or the ability to pass on our knowledge to the younger generation. if those two are the main points of you wanting one, then there are many ways to be able to experience them. looking at my my sisters with their kids, my cousins with their kids, and friends with their kids, it did dawn on me a few times on the importance of having one. and what is the importance? if by having one is to level up to the society’s expectation, then i’m all against it. if it to have someone who would eventually take care of you when you get old, then i’m all against it. if it just to be able to pass down your (family) name to a new generation, then i’m all against it. i dunno what your reasons for wanting one, but i do think you’re reasonable and responsible enough of a human being to have different reasons. and i do think you’ll make a good parent.

    • I think deep down I’ve always wanted to have a child of my own. It’s not so much about passing on the family name but caring and raising a child until he/she becomes old enough to be on their own. But I don’t like changing diapers (I’ll have to get a robot to do that).

      • lol. nobody does, matt. but i think it’s just one of the things being a parent will get a hang of. easier than loosing more sleep, which you clearly already not having enough.

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