1.  I was sitting across from a Chinese guy on the subway.  He was in his early 20’s and fidgeting quite a bit while looking down at his phone.  His legs would bounce up and down like pistons.  He would pause a bit before opening and closing them quickly much like a pair of scissors.  He kept doing this for a few minutes before leaving the train.  I had to force myself not to stare at him.
  2. Two people in my networking group have found jobs.  Both of them are execs and will do well in their new organizations.  I got some insights on how they network. They both have an extensive networks where they can tap into for help and also to help others.  I’m happy for them but a bit sad because they won’t be attending our weekly meetings anymore.
  3.  It was a busy couple of weeks when my cousins were here.  One afternoon, we were looking through a pile of photos at my dad’s old house where my sister lives.   We were sitting in the dining room which has a large window looking out to the porch and the front yard.  As we were going through the photos, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a silhouette of a person walking right by the window towards the front steps.  When I glanced up I didn’t see or hear anything.  I quickly went to the front door and didn’t see anyone on the driveway, yard or street.  It was really odd.
  4. I had a mock interview today with someone from my job networking group.  I didn’t do well even with some of the softball questions that was tossed at me.  I’m also in the middle of redoing my resume.  It’s time to get really serious about job hunting.  But the little kid in me still wants to play.
  5.  I was waiting for someone at a food court the other day.  There was an elderly man sitting at the next table working on a crossword puzzle.  I didn’t really pay attention to him but a few moments later, he said to me “Why is everyone so happy today?”  I shrugged and said “It’s better this way.”  I thought that would be it but he kept chatting with me.  He then started telling me his favorite phrase is “yabadabadoo” from the cartoon show Flintstones.  He uses that word instead of the “f” word because it breaks the tension.  He went on for awhile and shook my hand before leaving.  I noticed his fingers has several rings, one of a skull and one with the S from Superman.  We wished each other a good day.  It was an odd but interesting conversation.



19 thoughts on “Snippets

  1. Carlos Castaneda, in his book called Don Juan, wrote…death is always around us. If you turn your head fast enough, one is supposed to see death. Maybe that is who you saw? 😉
    I don’t do well with strangers starting conversations with me out of the blue. Lol
    As for the subway rider…either he is a very nervous person, on drugs, or listening music or all the above. Lol

  2. Wow, Matt. All good snippets!
    #5. That last gentleman sounds like someone I’d enjoy talking with! I am always starting conversations with “strangers” in public. Only I don’t like the word stranger.
    #1. Maybe he figured out a new form of leg exercises. ???
    #3. Interesting and a bit unsettling.
    #4. I totally understand the little kid still wanting to play. I have to subdue the little kid in me so I can get stuff done.
    #2. Congrats to them! And continued best wishes to you!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

    • Yeah, for someone trying to leave the IT industry to find something else, it’s hard to get attention. A functional resume looks ok but most people aren’t use to it and are suspicious of it. And most jobs, say in higher education, only hire folks that have experience working in that field.

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