Preparing For Guests

I have relatives coming next week.  While they won’t be staying with me, I know they’ll be over frequently.  So this has spurred another round of frantic cleaning.  I did a bit more decluttering. There was a bag of old letters and cards that has been lingering in my bedroom for quite some time.  Some of them date back to my university days.  I didn’t know what to do with them before but today I was ruthless. I threw out most of them as they are from folks I don’t hear from or see anymore.  There was a bag of stuff that spilled out of a book shelf.  Most of it was old receipts but it took a couple of hours to sort and shred them.  It even had my old credit cards, coffee cards, statements, lube, an old Japanese photo book of red light district and some magazines… it’s just bizzare what I kept.

I still want to get a new rug for the living room and a new futon cover.  Both have seen better days although I plan to reuse the old rug underneath my desk.

I also cleaned my pantry which are 2 metal racks.  I took everything off the racks, wiped down the racks, and cleaned everything before putting it back.  As I look around the kitchen, I think I have to replace the microwave the sits on top of the stove.  I won’t mind replacing the stove too although it still works.  I had an electrician come in last week to look at my lights.  I want to change my old track lighting to LED.

Eventually I want to get my bathroom renovated and put new carpet in my bedroom. I also want to repaint my unit and update the kitchen.  The blinds are probably the last thing on my list.  And maybe some new furniture.

The list of things I want to do with my condo is endless but my bank account isn’t.




21 thoughts on “Preparing For Guests

  1. I put all LED lights in my kitchen a couple of years ago — I love them, and want to do the same in the bathrooms as well! Those other things on your list sound like a major spring cleaning project!

    • I’m now reading that the colour of the lights make a huge difference. Some of the LED lights have a white / blue colour while others have a warmer yellow colour. Which ones do you have for your kitchen?

      • I have the white lights in the kitchen — I don’t really like the yellow tones of the others, which tend to make people look sallow.

    • I also found an old condom that has long expired. The carpet was something from the builder, hardwood at that time was extra. She told me the sisal carpet would be nice to walk on. It was but over time, it’s flattened down. I have hardwood the rest of the unit.

      Do you have any tips for cleaning hardwood.

    • Yeah… as long as my place doesn’t look like a disaster, I think I should be ok. My brother and sister in law like to keep their place looking like a showroom. I don’t know how they do it.

  2. Great work completed and great ideas for the future, Matt! 🙂

    Even though, like you, I like to have my place cleaned before guests arrive…I always think, “Hmm…they’ve seen clutter and dust before…so my main focus should just be on relaxing and enjoying their company while they are visiting. ” 🙂

    Enjoy your family! 🙂

    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…I would send the skunk over to visit…the one I posted about…but on second thought I won’t…he’s a real stinker! 😉

  3. I like having guests over for many reasons, but one of the big ones is so I can clean my house! My pride is a good excuse to do so. Hope you’re enjoying your guests,

  4. you making me think of the many letters and postcards i’ve kept since highschool years. yup, still have them. dunno what to do with them, while they taking up space in my cramp cabinet. yet i can’t bring myself to throw them away. kinda like cutting off the connection with them old friends. i’d feel bad. plus i still have heaps of old credit cards from different banks from different countries. well, i used to live in both australia and usa. kinda like a momento of the olden days. what to do.

    • I think the old credit cards can be shredded and thrown away. Maybe you could take a picture of all of them together before. I think if you’re still friends then it’s probably ok to keep those letters and post cards. I can send you some good ol’ fashioned snail mail. 🙂

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