Everyone Has A Story

For someone without a job, I’m one of the lucky ones. Everyone I’ve met at my job counseling firm has a story.

I met a woman who was contemplating a career change to become a teacher.  But she has 2 kids still in school.   As part of her severance, her employer gave her 3 months of job counseling and time is closing fast.  A few weeks later, I found out she lost her husband earlier this year.  The dreams of becoming a teacher would be shelved for now.

There was another IT geek who wasn’t sure what he wanted to do.  His hair and beard needed needed some serious trimming and unfortunately in this job market, physical impressions do count.  It wasn’t until I checked his LinkedIn profile did I realize he was actually an IT architect.  He’s got some decent credentials.  He never spoke about his accomplishments or what he wanted to do next.

Another woman hinted that she has had clinical depression but said she’s pretty sure she doesn’t have it now.  She just wants this job hunting to end.  She used to cherish time away from work.  Now the abundance of free time feels confining and she’s not sure what life has in store for her.

Then there was a guy who turned down a couple of job offers.  It surprised me until he explained those job paid less than his previous role and it involved a lot of travel.  He is the only child and is now facing elder care issues.  We chat briefly and exchange contact info.

Another project manager has a young family.  He doesn’t have a lot of Canadian experience and is willing to work in small cities where there might be less competition.  I asked him if his family will move with him.  He said no, he’ll find some place cheap to live and send money back to his family.

There are so many people here who could use a break.  There just doesn’t seem to be enough well paying jobs to go around.  Everyone has a story to tell.


16 thoughts on “Everyone Has A Story

  1. Yes, you’re right, Matt…everyone does have a story. Thank you for sharing these people’s stories here. All of them touched my heart. I wish them well. best wishes, in their job search. I hope they get good, really good, jobs soon. And I wish all of this for you, too.

    I was nice of you to listen to their stories. And to exchange contact info with the one man. You have experiences and compassion that can be of help to him.


  2. It’s so tough and draining searching for a job. It must be extra hard to find a job you’ll be happy with versus just settling on anything that comes your way. The lady who just lost her husband is sad.

    • I saw a couple of jobs that are admin type – easy on the stress level but the pay is just above minimum. Or I could stress myself out to compete for a job back in IT and if I get it, I know I’ll be working long hours. I’m counting on my 6/49 tickets to come through.

      • Don’t forget your friends when you win the lotto! 😉

        In all seriousness though, I always feel like a low stress job would be nice, but then I wonder how long before I become bored…?

  3. Sorry to read this…

    Looking for a job is a horrible process…You constantly have to sell yourself, which is exhausting and weird. I’ve been working freelance now for 11 years and the money is less than i would make in a job, but I’m now at an age no one will likely hire me, which is both shocking and illegal. So I live lower than I would ideally prefer and thank God I made decent money for a while and saved hard when I did.

    I wish you luck!!!!

    • Thank you – I think I’ll be fine. I have to master the art of selling myself. I remember my writing instructor mentioning that selling a story to a publisher for consideration can be harder than writing the story.

      • YES. A millions times yes. I can write some pieces of journalism (once the reporting is finished) in an hour. Finding someone (beforehand) to pay me properly for it…takes most of my time.

  4. unfortunately, the economy everywhere is not at its best. the company i work for is experiencing downward sales/profit since 2015. from what i heard, many other companies, in various industries, are experiencing the same fate. including friends who own their own little business. and it looks like it may continue, considering the political situation in this country. we are expecting another presidency election in 2019.

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