Everyone Just Keeps Taking My Stuff

It was a quiet Sunday morning and I was out for a walk.  I was standing by the crosswalk waiting for the light to turn green.  There was a man on a wheelchair who was struggling to get through the intersection. He was very fat and his stomach stuck out in the cold air.   He just had about 5 to 10 meters to get to the sidewalk and the light had already turned.  As the cars waited, I went to the guy and told him I would help him get to the sidewalk.

He mumbled ok and I quickly got him to the sidewalk. As I was pushing up on the sidewalk, a plastic liquor bottle fell to the sidewalk.  I stopped and walked over to get it for him. He screamed “No, no… f*ck, f*ck, f*ck  no, leave it!”  I paused and watched him slowly bend over to retrieve it.  “Everyone just keeps taking my stuff!”

Once he got his bottle back, I gave him one last push to the level ground and asked if he was ok.  He gave a quiet “Yeah” and slowly moved on.


23 thoughts on “Everyone Just Keeps Taking My Stuff

  1. Very sad. There are so many people living on the periphery. You are a kind person, Matt. Sharing of yourself in any way helps those who would otherwise have no contact with other human beings,


  2. That is very sad. 😦
    Thank you for your compassionate heart, Matt, and thank you for helping him.
    I look at each person I encounter and think, “Their situation could be mine some day…and I’d want someone to acknowledge me and help me.” Even if for some reason I was uncommunicative or angry or sad, I would hope someone would take the time, and have the patience to try to help me. We never know what someone has been through…what might have contributed to their attitude, etc., so we must look past stuff to try to “break through” their “shell”. 🙂

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