Coffee With a Smile

I lined up behind a guy at the coffee shop while he was paying.   Then I heard a gruff voice say “The line up is back here!”  I looked over a few feet to my right.  A tall and angry looking, heavy set white man raised his hand with his thumb pointed behind him.

Confused, I took a couple of steps back and wondered how I missed the line.  The customer in front of me left.  The cashier looked up and said “next please”.  Because I had stepped back, the cashier looked at the big buy and gestured him over. He then walked into what would have been my spot.  A lady at the other line for a different cashier looked at him and said I was in the right line.

I walked up behind the big guy  and said “I guess I was in the right place.”  He was tall, my head only came up to his shoulders.  But he was overweight and out of shape (not that I was any better).  My annoyance started to move towards anger and I’m sure he heard it in my voice.

He turned around and to my surprise, he apologized.  I just nodded and said “It’s ok.”  He was about to order and then turned around again and offered to swap places.  I told him it was fine.  He explained that at the other outlets, you line up in the center and the cashiers calls for the next one in line rather than this outlet where you line up in front of the cashier.  I gave him a pat on the shoulder “I understand, enjoy your coffee and have a nice day.”  He said the same and left.

I’m glad our guardian angels made sure we didn’t ruin each others day.





12 thoughts on “Coffee With a Smile

  1. I’m so glad this ended the way it did. 🙂 And it is encouraging! Way to go, Matt! 🙂
    Since life is tough for most everyone…it’s heart-warming when people are willing to admit wrong and then go on to be kind and gracious.
    I always try to be kind and gracious…as I think about not knowing what kind of a day each person is having…they might not feel well today, or they just got some bad news…and I factor that into their negative words actions and try to be kind to them no matter how they treat me.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

    • I was sort of in the mood for an argument. Looking back, it would have been silly of me to do that. I was at Pacific Mall during lunch today and some idiot driver at a 4 way stop turned in front of me. As he did that, he gestured at me because I thought I had the right of way. I just smiled and waved him through. I’m just a happy grumpy guy… *growl*

      p.s. I hope you and F are surviving the heatwave.

      • I think that it’s great that you took the nice route and just waved him through. At the end of the day, being angry hurts ourselves just as much as anyone else.

        We survived the heatwave. Thanks for asking. We don’t have AC so it was a very tough week, especially during the night.

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