Bigotry Has No Boundaries

I read this article yesterday from the New York Times.  It’s written by Haroon Siddiqui, Toronto Star’s Editorial Page Editor Emeritus and a member of the Order of Canada.  I’ve always enjoyed reading his perspective on current events.  It’s worthwhile reading even if you’re not Canadian.

Perhaps I was too naive to think that this won’t happen in Canada.  The signs were there but I never thought it would go this far.



9 thoughts on “Bigotry Has No Boundaries

  1. This attack shocked me and broke my heart. 😦 I was so sad upon hearing this news. 😦
    Thank you for the link/article, Matt.
    ❤ and prayers to the families and friends of those who died or were injured.
    PS…For some reason this post did not show up in my Reader page. ??? :-

    • Hatred is everywhere. Sometimes it’s buried deep, sometimes it’s just simmering underneath the surface and then there are times when it spills out.

      I’m not sure why the entry didn’t show up in your reader. It didn’t get a lot of views so maybe a lot of people missed it.

  2. Such a powerful post by Haroon Siddiqui. I think majority of us were as shocked as he was with this attack on the Muslims praying in the mosque. Such carnage! And of course Fox news had to immediately announce that the perpetrators were Muslims. A big thank you to PM Trudeau who lambasted that news channel and told about the French Canadian who was responsible for this heinous act.
    Thank you for posting it Matt. Love and hugs.

    • It’s just crazy. I think our Prime Minister and the government needs to continue to speak up, call out the hatred that exist in my country. We as citizens can do a lot more to counter this hatred. See my comments to Andrew too.

      I’m glad you liked the article – he speaks with a lot of wisdom. Love and hugs too.

  3. “Bigotry has no book boundary” is true. I believe that when people constantly treat an ethnic or religious group badly, it can only result in resentment from the receiving, innocent ethnic or religious group. I really relate to this – having grown up seeing negative newspaper articles and comments from many people regarding Asians. However, the extent to which this negativity is applied to Muslims is out of this world.

    Good article by Haroon. I was also shocked this happened and that it also happened in Canada – of all places. I really feel sorry for the friends and family that were in the mosque.

  4. I wanted to wait until I was in the right mind space to read the article. Unfortunately to paint Canadians with a broad brush, even a positive one, is a mistake. Canadians like everyone else come from broad walks of life and the fears that others in other countries have are also prevalent in Canadian culture. Like in every country, there are both people who are tolerant and not tolerant of other cultures. I remember talking to my mom one day and hearing about a muslim woman being verbally abused on the TTC. It made me wonder me realise that Canadians are also capable of hate and also made me wonder would they turn on my mom for being an “immigrant” even though she was born in Canada.

    Even before all this, I feel that while Toronto is a very multicultural country, there is still an underyling current of Asians being looked down upon by some people. I felt this more so when I lived in King West where there were a lot of snooty people. But I also realise that this is an area where “wealthy” young professionals live and they are those type of “mean girls”.

    In any case, I’m glad still to be a Canadian because by and large we have in fact earned our reputation as nice, tolerant and multicultural peoples.

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