Kitchen Misadventures

I sent the picture below to J.  He immediately msg back “what the heck is that?”

Can you folks figure out what this is?  I’ll give you 5 seconds….

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

So I decided to try to make the “No Knead Bread” that was featured in New York Times years ago.  It got a lot of favorable feedback and one reader said the recipe was very forgiving.  I might have made some mistakes measuring the flour and water.  It looked kinda dry so I added some water (doubled it).  It proofed for about 24 hrs and then another 2 hours.  But it didn’t puff up into that neat ball of dough.

I gave it extra time in the oven because the dough was oozing water.  After it came out, there were still bits of raw dough although the bottom was starting to get very dark.  The taste was uhm… challenging.

J said it looks like a pile of ****.  For once, he might be right.  But my condo smells like a bakery though.




24 thoughts on “Kitchen Misadventures

  1. The first time with a recipe can often be challenging. The first time I made bread, I began after supper, thinking I’d be done by midnight or even earlier. It was 3 am before the bread came out of the oven!

  2. How did you measure the flour? Did you scoop the measuring cup in the bag of flour or did you use a fork and slowly fill the measuring cup? The scoop method compresses the flour in the cup thereby increasing the amount to more than the cup size.

  3. Oh, my! 😮 and Ha! 😀 I guessed a Free-form Meatloaf! 😛 Or maybe I should have said A Cow Pie Meatloaf! 😀

    Your opening sentence made me snort-laugh loudly, Matt! Now Cooper is staring at me.

    Apparently the no-kneed bread needs something?! 😉 😀

    Well, all of us have had our own kitchen misadventures. I won’t share any of mine here. 😛
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…every time I read your opening sentence, I laugh! :mrgreen:

  4. I thought it was a large oatmeal cookie. This is why I don’t bake, especially things that have dough. The measurements and directions need to be so precise!

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