Gaysian Third Space

For those of you who like to read interesting stories about Gay / Queer Asian and Pacific Islanders issues and experiences, please check out Gaysian Third Space.  It only has 10 followers here on WordPress and it’s mirror blog of their main blog on tumblr which has about 500 followers.  Aside from the great writing, I love what they are doing in establishing a community of like minded bloggers.  Show your support and follow their blog, you won’t be disappointed.

While I’m plugging blogs on tumblr, you guys should also check out Letters to Charles.  He writes with a lot of sensitivity and passion.  My writer soul has a man crush on him.


10 thoughts on “Gaysian Third Space

  1. Always great to share great blogs!
    I love to read good writing…so I’ll check out the links.
    How you doing today, Matt?
    HUGS for a Nude Year! Er…sorry…I meant “New” year!!! My bad! 😉 😛

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