The (too) Early Bird

One of the things that my Christmas cold messed up was my sleep pattern.  For some reason, my sleep can be vulnerable to many different variables.  I started to sleep late and wake up late.  Most days, I was getting up after 9 AM and on several days, after 10 AM.  My days felt wasted. This past week, I’ve been trying to slowly adjust my sleep and chipping away at this a half hour at a time.

I woke up on Sunday morning around 6 AM although I didn’t roll out of bed until after 7.  But it felt good and despite the very chilly weather outside, I bundled myself up and went out for a walk. But I had to take a quick nap in the afternoon which is something I don’t normally do.  Last night I went to bed around 11 PM and fell asleep quickly.  But then again, I had a big dinner at J’s place and I think it was food comatose.  I woke up refreshed and alert.  But it was just 3 AM.  I couldn’t get back to sleep and got out of bed just before 5 AM.

I’ve finished breakfast before 5:30. But now I feel like an early bird who can’t figure out what to do.  The worms haven’t woken up yet.

Oh, I’ve got to show up for jury selection this week.  I don’t know why I’m getting anxious about it.

p.s. it’s so friggin’ cold here but I saw 3 robins yesterday morning.


11 thoughts on “The (too) Early Bird

  1. I find it very interesting when I hear about people’s sleeping patterns, specifically people who have erratic sleep patterns or have a hard time sleeping. I hope you can find a good rhythm.

  2. Hope you’ll be ok through the winter there – I remember you talking about what happens when you don’t have sunlight for long periods.

    Did you say you went to a sleep doctor before? Did they give any tips?

    I’m an erratic sleeper and I’ve always wanted to know what it feels like to sleep at the same hours every day! I think I’ll become superhuman if I did.

    • It was a dark, snowy and rainy day here but I got out for a walk which rejuvenated me. The sleep doctor did tell me to practice some good sleep hygiene (no smart phone or devices 1 hr before bedtime, cool bedroom, clear my mind of of worries before sleeping…).

      What’s your sleeping pattern like lately?

      • What you said here has been on my mind more than once lol. I do want to improve my sleeping habits. I really do.

        I’ve been sleeping better these past few days. For example, two nights ago I slept at midnight and woke at 6.30am, and last night I slept at 10pm and woke at 4.30am. I naturally woke at 4.30am and I just felt like I couldn’t sleep anymore (as if my brain was already full and couldn’t sleep anymore). I’m paying more attention to what time I sleep, and I think the best time is to sleep before midnight. 10pm is prob too early, so maybe 10.30pm to 11pm is the best time for me to sleep.

        How’s your sleep lately?

  3. Sleep has always been my nemesis. I get too little or too much. It depends on so many factors going on in your life too. At one time, I subsisted nicely on 5 hours. Now I need more, and have learned sleep is essential for healing/repairing internal organs and brain function. The older I get, the more I need (likely), and yet, I can’t sleep as long. Also, it’s interrupted sleep most nights.

    I’m with you on getting up early. It’s great to see the dawn and sunrise, especially in the winter.


  4. i just love to sleep in when it’s cold. but funny enough, it’s tougher to get up during week days, even with the alarm goes off, than during the weekend when i’m not obligated to get up and go to work.

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