Haa choo

I’ve been suffering from a cold for almost a week and pretty well stayed hunkered down aside from some grocery shopping.  My hands are so dry from the constant washing.  I am rapidly depleting the 3 boxes of tissue around my condo.  It’ll probably take another week before I’m fully recovered.  I still have Christmas shopping to do and I’ll look for things at my neighbourhood stores.  There’s no way I am driving to shopping malls.

But at least it’s just a simple cold and not some deadly disease or ailment.  I get to live another day.  I just wish I could be more disciplined to live each day as if it was last.

p.s. I sneezed on this entry so you probably picked up some of my cold virus.  You’re welcome.


19 thoughts on “Haa choo

  1. Matt,

    I haven’t had a cold in years because I take Chinese magic green pills. Yin Chiao — I pop about 5 every 5 hours for a day whenever I feel the onset of a cold and “Presto!” — No cold. Try it. You can get it at a Chinese herbal store. Here’s what it looks like: http://www.chinesenaturalherbs.com/index.php/product/yin-chiao-tablet-yin-chiao-chieh-tu-pien/

    Hope you feel better soon. I understand it’s miserable to be sick, especially in the winter and even more so at Christmas. Take care of yourself. Sending you good energy.

    • It’s a stubborn cold which will eventually fade away. I already had my flu shot and there aren’t any body aches or dark green coloured mucous. I just have to weather this out and try not to be so miserable.

  2. it must be the changing of the season. i used to get one when i lived in the states. i”m currently fighting coughs and runny nose. and i’m supposed to leave for bangkok on friday. hope you get well soon, matt. rest well, ok.

      • it was gone by the time i got to bangkok. but i missed many hours of sleep. including this past new year weekend. my eye bags are getting heavier and darker. and i’m getting migraine.

  3. Aw, poor Matt! 😦 I think being ill at Christmas is the worst. 😦
    I hope you feel well soon!
    You know the drill…rest, fluids, hot soup, porn, etc.!
    Ohmygosh!? Did I say “porn”?! 😉 😛

  4. Matt, that is one long cold spell you’ve had ! You and I got the sore throat and cold about the same time. I have been well for more than ten days now. Hope you are fine by now. Love and hugs. Hope Today was a beautiful day for you.

    • I hope you’re a lot better now. It’s no fun getting sick while traveling. Any tips on how to endure it?

      I’m doing ok – the cold is gone but this past couple of days I feel another one coming. Ugh.

      • Winter is the season of colds! Something I don’t miss about Toronto. I always make sure to get good sleep on holidays to give my body energy for the day.

  5. How are you doing, Matt?
    I hope you had a wonderful holiday season.
    I finally put up my Happy New Year’s post here on WP and now I’m trying to catch up on reading and commenting posts…It’s been a super busy past two weeks for me!
    ❤ and (((HUGS)))

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