Reaching Out

There are days when I wish you guys are geographically closer.  It’s tough maintaining friendships over the internet.  Seeing words an arms length away is not the same as seeing someone an arms length away.

I think I’m beginning to sound like some 18 yr old emo kid.


22 thoughts on “Reaching Out

  1. Hehe, makes me think about all those times you saw me in the hood and didn’t say hi. But regrets are things I don’t focus on. I guess it’s just great that you’ve become less elusive and that you’re willing to meet us. I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunities for chats. To be honest it’s not like I see my other friends all that often either.

  2. Matt,

    We are in the same city. Who knows? We may have possibly crossed paths at one time. I’m always open to friendship, coffee, food, chats. Just an email addy away — eden (dot) baylee (at) rogers (dot) com.

    No pressure ever, but I know what you mean about virtual friendships. I’ve had the good fortune of meeting several on-line writers/friends in other cities, and a few came to Toronto. I think it’s the new way to connect for many people. 😉


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