Selfie – ugh, no…

At our job counseling sessions, they advise us to improve our LinkedIn profile by having a picture.  It increases your visibility and more people are likely to click on your profile if you have a picture.  I finally surrendered and decided to put my picture out there.  So I dragged out my broken tripod.  The handle for the centre leg broke off years ago.  I keep it around for “decoration”.  I made a lot of test shots and cringed at the results.  I wanted to do it by the window but I don’t have a good spot.

Eventually I found a spot, set up my flash, figured out how to adjust the focus without a subject, got dressed (just a shirt, tie, blazer) and took a bunch of pictures.  Finally there was one that looked okay.  There are some small shadows behind me from the flash that I couldn’t figure out how to remove.  But for a small LinkedIn picture, I don’t think people will notice.

One thing I noticed is that the pictures that I thought would work out when I checked the camera weren’t that great when I imported them to my laptop.  In the end, it was the picture which was the brightest.  I still don’t like getting my picture taken even by myself.  Selfie – not me.

On another note, thank you for the thoughts, prayers and kind wishes for my sister.  I stayed with her yesterday afternoon and for dinner.  I think it’ll be a couple of more weeks before the meds and her body stabilizes.  One lesson for us is to make sure we have a family doctor.  Her family doctor retired and she never got around to getting one.  A walk in clinic is ok but you still need a family doctor who is familiar with your history and someone you’re comfortable dealing with.  The worst time to look for a new doctor is when you’re sick.





14 thoughts on “Selfie – ugh, no…

  1. Could a friend take a pic of you for you? Or do you already have another one you like…taken at some time in the recent past?

    I bet the one you took will do well.

    Yes, a family doc is always a good idea. I continue to hope for good health for your sister!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. You’re really good to stay with your sister and I’m sure you’re doing as much as you can to help her. I hope she gets stronger and stronger.

    Hope the photo helps with LinkedIn. Never thought I’d see the day where it’s important to have a photo on our job applications, but guess that’s where things are.

    • Nick suggested the paperbag…lol. I’ve read that profiles with pictures get 7 times more hits and people tend to linger longer when they read it. But after that, you still need a good summary.

      • The data privacy issue is always a concern. There’s just no getting around it on a professional job networking site. It’s a tradeoff but almost all companies use LinkedIn one way or another. I

  3. glad to hear your sis is recuperating. as for a selfie, i NEVER liked any one of mine. can’t understand why people love selfies so much when they already have to see themselves in the mirror every morning.

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