Back to Job Hunting

I met with my job counselor this week and we both agreed that my job hunt needed more focus and attention – in particular networking.  I went over my 30 second commercial with him and he recommended adding more hard skills.  There were many other recommendations about my LinkedIn profile, moving to a more active job search through networking rather than looking at job postings etc…

So I started to make a plan on how to tackle all of this.  I woke up late although I got to bed at 10:30 PM.  I actually woke up around 2 AM and didn’t get back to sleep until 4 AM.  I slept through my alarm.  After a healthy breakfast of oatmeal, nuts and berries, I did the dishes and brushed my teeth.  I noticed the bathroom needed to be tidied up.  I wiped the faucets, sink, the shower stall, the mirror, the toilet and, swept the floors and tossed out the old towels.  I decided to mop the bathroom  floor too.

I dragged out the bucket and the mop that spins.  The bathroom looked decent after that.  While it won’t win any awards, people won’t be scared to use it.  I even use those Lysol wipes.  Then I looked at the hardwood floors.  It was getting a bit sticky.  So I spent the next hour just doing a basic mop up.  I’ve found over time the best way to clean my floors is hand wiping it using a micro fibre cloth and hot water.  But I have to get down on my hands and knees to do that. That’s too tiring and I’ll save that for another day when I feel like it.

So I did a quick wipe that and the hardwood floors looked a bit better.  It’s now after 1PM.  I then debated if cleaning was a form of procrastination.  Since I’m a Gemini – the debate raged on forever.  So I decided to blog.

I best get back to my job hunting.

(ed. note:  warning – the author’s next entry is about dish washing.  He has run out of things to write about.)



19 thoughts on “Back to Job Hunting

  1. HA! Great write! 😀

    Well, it sounds like you could get a job as a bathroom cleaner! Or as President of the Procrastinators Club! (I wonder if they ever really have meetings?)

    Could you write about cleaning a kitchen…stove, ‘frig, and all? Just reading that would make me so tired I’d sleep well tonight! 😉 😛

    Good luck on the the job hunting and stuff!

  2. Lol can I suggest you review different types of dish washing detergent. 🙃

    In all seriousness I would totally procrastinate too. I hate writing job applications. I’d rather do cleaning like you did.

  3. unlike normal people, i find doing house chores can be therapeutic. and yes, that’s the ocd and the procrastinator in me talking. can’t stand a mess and can’t be bother to do anything important 🙂

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