Back to Regular Programming

Well, I think I finally got over the jetlag.  I’ve had 2 nights of sleep.  I’m getting the usual stuff like installing winter tires, flu shot, groceries etc… done.  I’ve caught up on some TV shows like Walking Dead (why did they kill Glenn?) and Designated Survivor.  I’m trying to avoid news stories about the President Elect.  But it’s like walking by an accident.  You don’t want to look but you look anyways.

The long dark hours of winter is here and I’m contemplating getting one of those lamps for light therapy.  I’m back to attending my weekly meetings with the job counseling firm and a bunch of webinars that they are giving.  There’s a ton of reading and exercises that I need to catch up on too.  My mind is not on job hunting though.  I rather just write and do more photography.

One more thing.  Thank you to all of you for following me and being part of my life.


17 thoughts on “Back to Regular Programming

  1. Glad you’re over your jet lag. I agree, the light lamp might be a good idea. It gets so miserable in the winter in Toronto.

    I find that webinars are always good in theory but when it actually comes to attending and paying attention, my attention wanders in hundreds of different directions.

  2. 😦 Yeah, I’m still SO sad and upset about Glenn. That scene was so traumatizing to me. 😦 He was my fav person on TWD.
    Glad you are getting some sleep and getting caught up on life at home. 🙂
    Best of luck in the job search!
    I’ve had friends who’ve used the light-therapy lights and say they help.
    I’m avoiding the news…I can’t even listen to his voice. :-/ Ugh!
    (((HUGS))) and Happy Whee-kend, Matt! 🙂

  3. So glad that you are back in your own milieu. Hope we will continue to see some pictures. Your next travel plan should be to come to the Midwest, Matt. Dying to see you.

  4. Getting back to a ‘normal’ routine is never easy after taking a long journey, especially with Christmas around the corner.

    It was great to follow your trip, and thanks for allowing us to peek into your life Matt,

  5. believe it or not, i have not watched the series Walking Dead like most people. that said, i am familiar with this Glenn character, only because he is quite easy on the eyes ;p maybe now it’s time for me to catch up on what i didn’t know i’ve missed. even my sister loves the series.

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