It’s Ok – just have fun

I wrote about my late blogger friend, Kelvin, a couple of times.  Prior to my trip, I wanted to find out where his ashes were interred in Singapore. A few years ago, I saw a partial death notice. It only had a few lines and but you had to go to Singapore’s main library archives to get the full printout.  Or you could pay them to retrieve it and have them send it to you.  I found some address of columbariums but none of them had email addresses.  After awhile I gave up.

Once my trip was finalized, I decided to check again but got the same results.  I wrote a letter to the agency to see if they might have information.  I told them I was traveling and to respond by email.  I was already in Taiwan for a week and didn’t hear anything.  One morning, I got an email back from them.  They provided me with the date of the cremation and confirmed the ashes wasn’t in any of the public columbariums.

I was a bit sad and I didn’t want to spend time in Singapore calling cemeteries. That afternoon, I was at a temple in Kaohsiung, I thought about Kelvin and hoped he would understand.  Then I felt a sense of calm.  I looked at the various figurines and statues and then I noticed something moving to my right. It was a gecko (lizard) on the window.  I know they are common in Asia but that was the only time I saw one on my trip.  Kelvin had a tattoo of a gecko.  I smiled and nodded.  I knew I could just enjoy my time in Singapore.



18 thoughts on “It’s Ok – just have fun

  1. Brought tears to my eyes, Matt. Sometimes we search and search but don’t find what we are looking for, then out of nowhere, you receive a sign. Such a heartwarming and personal story, thanks for sharing it. xo

    • Thank you. We were blogging on another platform (Xanga) and he passed away a few years ago. But I never learned about it until a few days after his death. I never knew his friends and family. One night I just had this urge to check on him and that’s when I saw a few blogs mentioning his name and death. I never met him in real life but we chatted online and really connected. He loved reading, writing and music and was the first person that really encouraged me to develop my writing skills.

      • i’m not sure i knew of a kelvin from xanga. i do remember an older guy from UK who went in and out of hospital due to his heart condition. he blogged about his life. many of his posts were of his condition. i felt sorry for him. hope he still fighting and surviving.

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