Taipei update #2

After I got back from Bangkok, we did a bit more touring in Taipei and mostly ate.

Tamsui – we actually had a decent dinner and then we stumbled on this seafood place after taking the ferry to go back to the MRT.  So we decided to eat some more.  I don’t know why the kitchen staff don’t wear long sleeve white uniforms.  But I guess this is ok for them.


Shifen:  We saw a lot of people writing “wishes” on paper balloons that were later lit and sent to the skies.  They do this on right on the railroad track and when a train comes, everybody gets out of the way.  It’s an interesting area, we got there late in the day and didn’t get a chance to see the small waterfalls.  There’s also a rail pass that allows you to take travel to the different rail stations on the railway line and explore.  If you’re going to do that, it’s best to start early in the day.


Eating – there’s no end to the variety of foods.  We didn’t eat at fancy restaurants.  Maybe we’ll save that for the next trip.  We did eat at Din Tai Fung again (2nd and 3rd picture below).

img_4693img_4964img_4965Soy milk ice cream with redbean and jelly.  I was already stuffed from my meal but I had to try this.  J finished it for me.  *burp*

img_4981One of the things I like about Taipei are the small streets and lanes.  People just eat at the street stalls (or restaurants) on their way home from work.


We also watched Taipei Pride.  According to the news reports, about 80,000 plus attended the parade.  It’s small compared to US, Canada or Europe.  But I’m told it’s one of the largest in Asia.  It has a more community feel to this than the one in Toronto (e.g., less corporate floats).

We also went to a club.  These 2 guys were uhm… wrestling in lube for something in each other’s trunks.  Unless you were in the front row, you couldn’t really see anythingVersion 2

Singapore was my next stop.  I flew a Hello Kitty EVA.  (I wish they would let us get closer to the windows and they would clean the windows too!).  It’s cute  but not exactly my taste.  Even the cutlery reflected the theme.  The curry pork was fine and the taste held up.


Singapore entry is next.




11 thoughts on “Taipei update #2

  1. My god, all the food! Love it. I really like flying with EVA, great service. I was in their Royal Laurel class from Houston to Taipei, and it was super. I would definitely fly them again.

    It is funny to see all the Hello Kitty stuff, on the slippers, pillows, even the cheese was carved in a Hello Kitty design!

    Glad you’re back safe!


    • I agree with you on their service. I flew on their Elite (premium economy) and their seats & meals were nice. There’s a bit more leg room and it doesn’t feel as cramped. Some of their older planes needs new seats though. From where I sat, I looked enviously at the folks sitting in Royal Laurel. They have a sale right now in case you need to go back to Asia for more research.

  2. Yummy food and yummy boys, looks like a good trip. I am about to eat dinner to the pictures of the savoury foods is especially enticing at the moment. I wish I had those clams. 😛

  3. What a fun club! 😛

    Glad you had such a great trip! And thanks for taking us along with you!

    HUGS!!! 🙂
    (I had some good Japanese food last week at a restaurant…and then some great Chines food at another restaurant another night…but imagine the food I had was crap compared to what you got to eat. (At least the restaurants I eat at are one-of-a-kind family owned and operated restaurants…not chain ones:-) )

  4. oh, you got the chance to experience the hello kitty flight 🙂 as for the club experience… well, i just have to go there the next time i’m in taipei :p

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