Well, I guess democracy can sometimes be messy, painful and strange.  I couldn’t watch the coverage anymore.  I think both political parties somehow failed their constituents and focused on what they needed to do to win an election.  While that’s important of course, they probably didn’t do enough to gauge the anger and disillusionment of those that they don’t represent anymore, or perhaps just barely represented.

It’s just a crazy place when someone who preaches hate, lies and anger can win.  I don’t understand.  But I hope American will figure out what they need to do to pull together after this election.  Tonight I’ll say a quiet prayer for you and then I’ll have a drink for you too.  Good luck my friends.


12 thoughts on “Democracy

  1. A republican majority after the economy has been doing quite well under Obama. A racist president in times when racial tensions are high. A climate change denier when is almost too late to put the brakes on co2 emissions.

    The democrats and the rich wall street bankers wanted the status quo, more of the same, so they picked Hillary instead of Bernie. I don’t think trump would’ve soon against Bernie.

  2. Thank you for this – in new york, everyone is in shock. I’ll go about my day, and then suddenly remember and it feels like a nightmare. It’s really scary if he actually goes through with what he says he’ll do. Everything here feels really broken at this point 😦

  3. I think the Democrats lost the race because so many of them refused to stay with Hillary after Sanders dropped out. That was a bad thing for the party. While the Republicans wanted to strengthen their party regardless of the uncouth and vulgar display by Trump, the democrats alienated themselves by refusing to vote for Hilary. I personally believe that was the downfall. Now those same democrats who said that they could never vote for Hillary, are angry that she lost!!!

  4. The worst part of Trump’s campaign was all the hate speech. If it was purely focused more on being an alternate to the establishment, I think more people would have been able to stomach him but the hate…*shudders*

      • It is strange. I would have thought those communities would have supported Hilary but I guess the whole ant-establishment message spoke to them. Reminds of when Rob Ford went for mayor in Toronto…

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