Finding My Strengths

“Far too many people spend a lifetime headed in the wrong direction. They go not only from the cradle to the cubicle, but then to the casket, without uncovering their greatest talents and potential.”

Rath, Tom. Strengths Finder 2.0   New York: Gallup Press, 2007

I got the chills when I read that.  As I try to figure out what the next stage of my career will be like, I want to have a better grasp of my skills, talents and mission in life.  I may not  utilize all my talents at my next job.  But I need to find out what they are first and develop an outlet to fully deploy them.  I don’t want to look down at my body when I’m done with it and wish I had live my life differently.

Advice and comments are always appreciated.


23 thoughts on “Finding My Strengths

  1. it maybe all about perspective. one that traveled in the life of the quote may have felt it was a good life. that it was their purpose. we all cant be famous (for a lack of a better term). or have just one magnificent purpose in life. i feel that most of us have many purposes in life. we just may not realize them.

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  3. Don’t trust this too much.
    It isn’t a well made scale out there in psychology world.
    Everyone uses it now because it has great PR.

    While there is some truth to it, don’t trust it completely.

  4. I would think of the things I enjoy doing in my careers. Give myself three top options and plan paths and get training if needed. Then give one of the top option a chance. Always ready to change direction if needed when we find out the selected is no longer what you enjoy doing. Also remind myself to balance work with health and family. One of my friends died last week because of a heart attack at the age of 42 while he was attending a Shakespeare show at the Hollywood Bowl. We need to go for our dreams while we are alive. The end can come when we least expected. Are you ready to share your top three career dreams that can provide you enough money to pay living costs?

    • I haven’t figured out what my top 3 career dreams are. One might involve writing and the other might be some type of counseling / advice profession. I had a heart problem (all fixed now) last year and it slowly woke me up. That’s why I think this job loss might be a benefit to me – if I can figure things out properly.

  5. Trust your heart and your instincts, Matt! Seek out the things you love and enjoy related to a future career AND in your free time. See if one of those things is something you can do that will, also, pay the bills. And in your free time, relax, enjoy the people in your life, travel, write, go to concerts, etc., whatever makes you smile!
    Yes, life is too short, so we must make the most of each day!
    HUGS!!! and Best wishes!!! 🙂

  6. My post has been submitted earlier .
    Here is : I noticed in my career and in my retirement I have been able to be creative . This gave me a sensation of achievement . I think in every job we can be creative ..
    In friendship

  7. Get up and do something Mattie. Start with the simplest task and finish it, whether it be following on an interview or sending a resume…. Got to get that part done without procrastination. Make people admire you for how smart you are!

  8. I used to think – if i had one life, wouldn’t it be great to experience as many jobs/stories as possible? To stay perhaps long enough to feel how it’s like and to master the skills, but then to move on – so that I’d end up experiencing a lot of stories, rather than just one monotonous story. I think a lot of us (myself included) base jobs off of fear – we stay in one for security or for other reasons, and although sometimes (given the economy, person’s skillset, etc), the fear may be warranted, life is more forgiving then one thinks. I feel that if you hustle hard, you can do anything. life really should be about exploring. i think it’s one thing to read those words and another thing to experience those words. reading your posts, you seem intelligent and a marvelous worker! I am excited for you and hope that your next job will allow you to grow in the areas you are interested in. my only advice to you, is that prior to an experience/job – you sometimes just have a glimmer of what your interests are – not a full understanding. For myself, I’ve never really known until i have tried – and with trying, then comes that knowledge.

    • I appreciate your comment (a mini blog entry!). I think I overstayed at my last job and didn’t work hard enough to develop new skills. At that time, I was more worried about job security (ironically) than anything else. I’m not sure what my next career or job will be but I think I’ll use other means to develop my interests & talents if my job doesn’t allow for that.

  9. Hi Matt, I think the quote is a good one, but please don’t let it cause you angst. If it serves to make you stop and think (which it has), then it’s done its job. And that’s all it should do.

    Many of us sleepwalk through our early years because we cannot perceive that time is finite. When I was 16, I thought 30 was ancient. Now I’m older than 30, and I see how little I really knew back then.

    The longer you live, the more time shifts to give you a realistic perspective of goals. What you think is super important now may change in a year or two. I think your strengths do stay fairly constant once you know what they are, so it’s good to find something you want to do that uses those strengths. Only you can really know what these are. You may have hidden talents you haven’t told anyone about, or you may have strengths which are yet to be discovered.

    Sure, sometimes life just happens and you get pulled into a job that you need to do but you don’t like. Still, do it to the best of your ability while continuing to keep an eye out for something else. Hone your skills of tolerance and ability to endure. Learn to get along with your boss and co-workers. Develop a social network. The lessons you learn in doing something that is not easy will be greater than those for something you love.

    Persistence is key. It’s a long road, and there are no set rules. Follow your passion in your life and your work and you will eventually be able to marry the two into doing something you love.


  10. i think about that sometimes. but then i always come to this conclusion… maybe not all of us meant to live out a life that is in favour of our talent and dreams. but that doesn’t mean we can’t still live a life worth living. how? by going out of our comfort zone once in a while to explore something new. by staying with those we care about. by giving ourselves ‘me’ time, so we too feel important and cared for. maybe we would never be famous or invent something great for the good of humanity, but we could still live life feeling happy and blessed.

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