Run River North At Adelaide Hall, Toronto

I caught  Run River North  when they were in town on Saturday Sept. 10th.  It’s my third time watching them.  They played at the Adelaide Hall in Toronto after performing in Buffalo the previous night.  It seemed like an odd 2 city jaunt to the north east.  They played here in April.  Last month, they played for the first time at the Summer Sonic Festival in Osaka and Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival in Korea back in August.

Their performance consisted mostly of songs from their Run or Hide album mixed with songs from their first self titled album.  They left out old favorites such as Monsters Calling Home, Run River Run and In The Water.  I suppose every band has to start culling the old material and push the newer ones.  They did (if my memory is accurate) include Lying Beast, Foxbeard, Growing Up and Fight to Keep with the last album with the last 2 as their encore.  It’s a more rock sounding band.  Daniel Chae didn’t play the violin.  Jennifer Rim carried the load although she had a stint at the guitar and vocal for one song.  The vocals are still very satisfying.  It’s going to be interesting to see how they evolve and what their new material sounds like.  The hall didn’t seem that full although I was standing near the front.  Maybe there wasn’t enough publicity and promotion except through the band’s own social media.

They played well as usual and seem very comfortable after having a few tours under their belt.  They had no problem developing a rapport with the audience.  They thanked the audience a few times for supporting them by coming out and buying their merchandise. The lead singer Alex Hwang apologized for dropping an f-bomb at a drunken heckler at their last performance in Toronto in April. He didn’t need to nor was it expected but it was nice and speaks to their professionalism.   All in all, a nice concert from this well rounded,  mature band.  I wish they played a bit longer.  It’ll be interesting to see how they evolve.  It’s a tough business and I wish them well.

I took a bunch of pictures with only a handful that turned out.  One of these days, I’ll learn how to take better pictures and figure out how to handle the concert lighting.  Sorry – I didn’t take a decent picture of the other member Sally Kang.

  1.  Guitarist Daniel Chae

Version 2

2.  Violinist Jennifer Rim playing guitars during 1 song.  I should have cropped this a bit better.Version 2

3.  Drummer John Chong (who is absolutely fun to watch) and bassist Joe Chun doing vocals for Growing Up.  Version 3

4.  Singer Alex Hwang and Bassist Joe Chun (should have cropped this a bit better too).  This was from my phone.img_3952


10 thoughts on “Run River North At Adelaide Hall, Toronto

  1. Wow this must be at least the third time I’ve read a blog from you where you had attended their performance. You’re such a good fan. I also just listened to run and hide – did not remember their songs sounding like that – it sticks in my head.

  2. Japan, Korea, Canada, America ….. this musician group is really an international one . And you teach me,Matt.
    i liked your photos despite of what you say. I am amazed by the photos taken with a smartphone !
    In friendship

    • The last photo was from a smartphone, the others were from my digital SLR. It’s an older model (4 models behind the current one) so the performance in low light isn’t the greatest.

      Thanks for the compliments about my photos. There were a lot that didn’t turn out well. I’m glad these did.

  3. You (on your blog) are the one who introduced me to them! I love their sound!
    Glad you got to see/hear them again in concert!
    I’ve seen them sing on a couple late night talk shows. I wish them all the best!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

    • And I was introduced to that band by another blogger. This is one of the positive aspects of social media. They are going on tour with another band. I’m not sure if they are the opening act or the main act. I hope you get a chance to see them if they are near you.

  4. it’s been a while since i last watched a live performance at a restaurant or cafe, other than those ethnic ones performed for tourists during my travels. i rarely go out these days. i tend to travel more than going out for an evening of fun.

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