Getting healthier

I have been anxiously dreading my physical checkup.  I never know what doctors will find when they examine me.  While I’ve been seeing my new doctor for a few months, this will be my first physical with him.  I showered like I always do each morning taking care to clean a bit more down there as he’ll be poking around.   I wondered if I should trim my pubes too.  After all, I want to be courteous.

Once I got to his office, he gave me the results of my blood test.  All my blood sugar and cholesterol were normal and way better than the last test.  My resting heart rate and blood pressure were also normal.  Before he started my checkup, he said there must have been a booking error because they didn’t book enough time for everything.  But he was going to do as much as he can.  He checked my eyes, ears, mouth, lungs etc.. he then asked if I wanted my testicles and prostate checked.  Gee… this is always the highlight of a physical and of course I said yes.

I could have said no. In the old days, I probably would have declined and chickened out. But I wanted to make sure everything was fine.  I didn’t make any jokes while he was checking my stuff.  For example “How did you guys practice this when you were medical students?”   It was over quickly and there weren’t any problems.

As he finished the checkup,  he complimented me on my lifestyle changes.  I still need to lose some more weight.   He asked me to focus more on portion control and add more resistance training.  So the regular walks and some cardio on the threadmill have paid off.  I eat more veggies, fruits and grains like oatmeal and barley.  Maybe this is one of the benefits of being out of work.  I have more time to focus on my health.


16 thoughts on “Getting healthier

  1. i always say ‘no’ when asked the same question at my annual check ups. i know it’s their job and it’s for my own good, but.. i dunno, just not comfortable doing it. especially when the doctor is a lady.

    • Pls do yourself a favor and say yes at your next checkup. My last doctor was a lady and she was my doctor for many years. She probed every part of my body. I just keep chatting while she does her stuff. They are professionals and they do understand it isn’t comfortable for a lot of patients.

  2. I’ve been on my weight loss journey for just under six weeks and I’m terrified of going to see the doctor. My weight loss has slowed now that the initial jump start is over. Doctors can be sooo discouraging if you get a bad one and I’m no longer with a doctor I know. Guess there are is some fear that I may have done too much damage before I started this, as well.

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