Air Show pictures

I took advantage of the nice weather this past weekend to watch the Canadian International Air Show.   It was a hot, sunny day and even though I wore a hat and sunscreen (SPF50), I got a bit of a sunburn.  It’s a challenge shooting these fast moving planes.  I still have much to learn as a photographer.  I still use my Canon EOS40D and has a 70 – 200 mm F4 L IS lens.   I was facing the sun all afternoon and I wasn’t sure how to compensate for it.  I shot at 1/400 and 1/500 shutter speed priority and used a +1 stop exposure compensation.

  1.  Canadian Forces Snowbirds (CT 114 Tutors).  They aren’t the fastest planesI actually shot this from my building (not from my unit).  I live near the lake and sometimes the planes fly over when they are regrouping.


2. It’s blurry but this was the only decent shot I had of this pass from the Snowbirds.img_7201

3.  The Brietling Jet Team with their L-39C Albatros (Czech). IMG_5293

4.  Yak Attack’s Grumman TBM Avenger.  It’s nice to see these old planes still flying.  I just realized I should have used a slower shutter speed to give the propeller more “motion”.


4.  CF 18 Hornet Demo.


I saw other pictures of the airshow and they found a way to deal with the sun and the haze.  I’ll have to read up more on how to deal with this.  Maybe I have to set my exposure manually instead of shutter speed priority.  Even with the center focus, maybe the bright sky is throwing things off.



9 thoughts on “Air Show pictures

  1. Nice pics. I remember shooting pictures of the Blue Angels during Fleet Week here in SF. I felt like paparazzi following the planes. Do you plan on making more use of your camera?

      • I used to eat at a little Italian restaurant that was right by an airport and you could sit and eat your food and watch the planes take off and land. I remember that fondly…it was actually romantic to me. I would think about where the people were going, who they’d see/meet, how their lives might change for the better, etc. 🙂

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