Writing Resumes

My resume coach said something interesting. Every word needs to earn its place on your resume.  She reminded us that hiring managers don’t spend more than 10 seconds going over a resume.  And that’s after a resume has been screened by ATS (Applicant Tracking System).

Her advice was very similar to what my writing teacher said to our class.  He spent a few minutes describing what it is like to ruthlessly edit your work.  He looks for words and phrases that are repeated.  Sentences are struck out and rewritten.  Entire paragraphs are sometimes removed.  It’s hard to do it yourself because these are your own words.  But it’s essential to get to the essence of the story.  The story needs to hold on to the reader.  A resume needs to do the same thing with a hiring manager.

It took several weeks for me to become comfortable writing about myself.  I finally started to tinker about how to best describe an accomplishment.  Was I stating something obvious?  I questioned where a comma should be placed.  I double checked and triple checked the spelling.  I double checked the meaning of each word (complement vs compliment).  I’ve created a functional resume as I want to move out of IT.  But I also want to create a chronological resume too.  That’s my next step.



8 thoughts on “Writing Resumes

    • I feel a bit guilty because I’m not putting as much effort into this as I should. I feel I’m drifting quite a bit. I don’t need an executive level / senior mgm’t job with the stress and long hours. But what you wrote about work life balance is important to me.

    • It’s a long story. When our employment was terminated, we were also given the use of an outplacement job counseling service. That’s how I got a resume coach. I’m only allowed to get 1 resume only. I’ll

  1. it’s been so many years since i last polished up my resume. i would be lost if i had to do it today since i don’t know wether or not the standard has changed. plus, i’m never been comfortable boasting on accomplishments. hope you got yours done in no time.

    • Don’t put it off too long. There are a lot of good books out there and resources in many websites. The tip I learned was to list your accomplishments and talk about what you did. It won’t sound like bragging.

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