MS Word and Apple’s Pages

I hate these compatibility issues between the 2 products.  My resume was created in Word by my resume coach.  When she gives it to me, I edit it using Pages and then export it back to Word for her.  We’ve been going back and forth.  We’re finally done and when it was formatted, there were some differences.  Instead of a 2 columns with 3 bullets, I had 1 column with 4 bullets and 1 column with 2 bullets.  Some words weren’t in bold.  My page break is different so the 2nd page looks odd.

She sent me a PDF file of the Word document and it looks fine.  Almost all companies use Word and these minor things will make my resume look oddly formatted.  I don’t know if buying Office for Mac will fix this.  But right now, I’m pulling my hair out.  I’m going bald too but that’s another story.


14 thoughts on “MS Word and Apple’s Pages

  1. I stay with words as there has always been compatibility issues. In the commercial world, WORDS is still the gold standard. What I did was to take note of the other party’s suggested changes, and retyped into my word version. I feel your pain as I was pulling my hair out also.

    • I ended up purchasing MS Office for Mac. I opened the Word version of the resume and there are still some differences between the Word in Mac and the Word in Windows (e.g. bold, underline). But it’s livable and it didn’t cost that much.

  2. I never experienced those problems of compatibility Mac-Windows but only the problem coming for the increasing evolution of Windows . ( I started with Windows 98)
    About your hair we are the same; We are quiet: no need to mow the lawn ! 🙂
    In friendship

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