Boys Will Be Boys

J’s nephews from out of town were visiting this week and I got a chance to play with them.  Most of the time, they are engrossed on games on their phones.  But J got them some nerf guns and they decided to gang up on me.  I grabbed the smallest kid from behind, pointed his gun at his brothers while using him as a shield.  It worked for awhile until he squirmed away while screaming at the top of his lungs.

I found out that it was easy to just pull those “bullets” which they said was cheating.  I also hid them only to be labeled a “stealer”.  I invented time outs (“you can’t call time outs!). J declared a safe zone in the dining room and kitchen which is where I hid.  I stole their guns when they weren’t looking.  They retaliated by pulling the sleeves of my polo shirt until it drooped down to my forearms.

When the play shifted to J’s bedroom, I grabbed a sock from the laundry hamper and shoved it on one of their nose.  The stinky socks ruse didn’t work for long.  The smallest one kept trying to kick me in the nuts while another one kept slapping my butt.  I found out that they hesitated to shoot me if I wore my glasses.  They asked me several times to take it off because they didn’t want to damage my glasses.  I kept them on.  Eventually I started to play mind games with them by trying to get them to turn on each other. I pretended that one of them was my partner while he would would deny it.  I stood beside him in fake solidarity while he insisted to his brothers that he wasn’t my partner.  I told them that I gave the “traitor” some money and now he is on my side.

Alas, it was soon dinner time.  The guns were put away and replaced with chopsticks and rice bowls.  They are good kids who say please and thank you all the time.  They don’t seem to have a problem sharing with each other too which was nice to see.  But next time they visit, I’m getting the biggest nerf gun I can find.


16 thoughts on “Boys Will Be Boys

  1. they sound like good kids. and you seem pretty good with them. i would make the worst sitter. i wouldn’t know what to do with kids. don’t even know how to communicate with them. i need lessons from you, matt.

    • I’m not good with kids. If they are playing with their mobile phones, I don’t exist. I can’t even help with any of their questions about Pokemon or whatever it is they are playing.

      But these kids are so good and well behaved.

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