Networking Because I’m Not Working

I went to a networking event today and much to my surprise, it went well.  There was a speaker there and he made us practice our 30 second commercial.  I was barely functioning on roughly 3 hours of sleep.  It was past 4 AM when I finally dozed off.  My alarm beeped frantically at 6AM.  I slept for another hour, showered, grabbed breakfast and made it there on time.

It was good to sit down and listen to someone who spoke so well on a topic he was so passionate about.  He had a slide deck of about 10 slides but used them for reference only.  It felt more like a chat than a lecture.  After the lecture was over, I stayed behind with 2 people who were at my table.  We chatted about our work, gave each other encouragement, shared some laughs and promised to connect on LinkedIn.  The 3 of us are introverts.  I mentioned that I had to be outgoing at all my jobs and I just viewed it as my role.  It’s similar to what an actor does I suppose.

When I got home, I was a bit tired but I didn’t nap.  After dinner I thought I would be very sleepy but I puttered around LinkedIn a bit, did a load of laundry, made some muesli for tomorrow and kept one eye on the baseball game (the Toronto Blue Jays won…).  Tomorrow will be working on my resume and building my goals and a project plan with dates and milestones.

There is one hitch.  J and I were talking about another trip to Asia.  At first I thought this would  not be a good idea.  But I do want to take advantage of the “free time” I have now.  If I found a job, I won’t have the seniority to take a long vacation.  But if I go on a trip, I have to figure out how to deal with my job search and of course money.


20 thoughts on “Networking Because I’m Not Working

  1. Matt, if I were you I would take vacation with J. It is actually a perfect time, it is opportunity for you to think out of the box for your career. Free from daily routine, you may want to re-think your career direction and strategy before you decide what to say in your resume, Ask yourself what is your passion. List three of your top choices of carrier passion, select one and give it a try. You are allowed to have more than one resume. I got my career change direction when I was on a cruise. I am enjoying my life much better. Give the vacation, J and time to think a chance. Also give us a chance to read your travel blog or another juice short story. Hehe

    • Interesting thought. I’ve been thinking seriously about getting out of IT. The public sector, education and non profit are appealing to me. I’m working on a functional resume to emphasize my transferable skills.

  2. Good luck, Matt, with networking, on your resume, etc!
    I think the vacation would be great…especially before getting back into a job/career. But, I understand having to weigh the pros and cons…and the whole $$$ part of vacations.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  3. maybe J would get this trip for you as an advance bday gift? 😁. if you guys should ever decide to be in this part of the planet again, please do let us know. who knows? we might be able to arrange a little ex-Xangan gathering.

  4. dYou should go on a vacation Matt. You will return refreshed, and ready for search of a job. I am sure where ever you have given your resumes, they would have your email and phone details to contact you in case of an opportunity. Go and enjoy yourself.

  5. Holiday. Now. When you can.

    I think you’ve already decided on it, but some encouragement doesn’t hurt. Too often, we forego life’s pleasures for what we perceive as more important things that “need” to be done. In your case, you can accomplish your job hunting overseas. Book meetings for when you return.

    Guilt is a useless emotion. Use it only to help you make a decision that is right for you. Don’t dwell on it as life is too short to feel bad about the things that make you happy.


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