Just some quiet thoughts

I rarely write about politics.  Mine are usually left of centre on most issues and fiscally moderate.   I caught a bit of the Republican convention but mostly turned away because the speakers filled the air with hate, anger and fear.   I shake my head when Republican politicians say they disagree with the racist comments that Trump makes but will still support him because he is better than Hillary.

A couple of nights ago, I watched a bit of the Democrats convention in between the baseball game.  I really enjoyed Michelle Obama’s speech.   It was heartfelt, genuine and uplifting.  I felt energized and inspired.  I watched President Clinton’s speech and it had the usual folksy, simple charm but it was very effective.   I really like how he turned it into a nice story instead of a speech.

Tonight, I’ll watch President Obama speak.  I’ve always enjoyed watching him talk and it’ll be interesting to hear what he has to say tonight.

What do you folks think about the US elections?  For those of you who are Americans, are you able to discuss politics openly with your neighbours, friends, co-workers and family?  Or is it a very sensitive subject?


21 thoughts on “Just some quiet thoughts

  1. I am a Democrat in a very Republican area of Southern California. I seldom find people with whom I can talk politics — when I do, it’s delightful! This election is such a mess, though, that I’m having to turn off much of the reporting to avoid becoming angry and hateful myself! It would be interesting to hear more of what you see/think of our political system and the people involved.

    • I think the ruling that allows so much money to be spent is crazy. The politicians need the money to run their campaigns and the multimillionaires and billionaires will use it to control or exert their influence.

  2. they say there are two things one is never to discuss, religion and politics. lol
    I’m registered as a non affiliate. after the last big election, the local paper published the demographics for the area I live. largely republican, Mormon and sex offenders. I’m not any of those. lol but I did find it interesting. lol

      • lol i dont notice any problems and was quite surprised to see that info. but if you do a google search about sex offenders, my area does come in with what i think is a high number. but the area is a bit distressed and low economic area.

  3. I feel much the same as you. My friend likes to leave the TV on CNN and I simply cannot stand listening to Trump or the pundits talking about him. I do find it rather alarming and amusing at once that the rich and the media manages to promote such a “candidate” to rule one of the most powerful countries in the world.

  4. Honestly, this election is freaking me out with how far Trump has gotten. It’s just so disturbing as to what direction America is about to head towards. I’m nervous for the poll results in November. I’ve always been team Hilary, but Bernie Sanders was also a great candidate as well.

    I’ve been actively watching the DNC and live tweeting as I’m watching. It’s entertaining to see others opinions and reactions towards the speakers. Tim Kaine was a bit dry for me last night, but I loved Obama’s speech. It was very reassuring and uplifting. Gonna be tuning in tonight again!

    • I really enjoyed Obama’s speech too. I think he really set the bar very high. While Hillary’s speech was fine, it wasn’t a masterpiece. But I think it did the job. I’m puzzled how despite all the missteps that Trump has made, it hasn’t slowed down his poll numbers. The combination of people voting for him and those that don’t vote (either by choice or by some dumb election rules) will probably be enough to put him over the top. Scary.

  5. I am fortunate to have family and friends that I can have discussions about politics (and religion and sex, etc.) with. Ask questions. Share our feelings. Learn from each other. I’m so grateful for them!

    I feel like someone picked me up and plucked me down into The Twilight Zone! 😦 There is so much I could say about this subject…but, instead of writing a book in your comment section, I’ll just say…Trump scares me and angers me!!! What an immature bombastic bully! 😦 Hilary scares me in a few ways, too, and I worry she will NOT accomplish what she claims she will. That she is big on talk and small on action. 😦

    I hate when voting becomes the “lesser of two evils”.

    Years ago I re-registered as an unaffiliated voter. There were several reasons why I did that.

    I’ve more to say, but will just leave you with HUGS!!! 🙂

  6. I was a republican and I switched sides when Bush attacked Iraq and caused all that mess. I am so happy I am a Democrat. Trump is revolting, and he is trying his best to create hatred and fear among the republicans. He is a liar and he is ignorant. Hilary has the experience, and I am sure she has made mistakes, but, she will never resort to playing games like Trump does, with Russia, and throw mud to put off the scent of deceit. I cannot understand, that he gullible republicans would want to vote for Trump just to keep unity of the party. Barf!

  7. i think Trump is an absolute, disgusting joke. and it bewilders me how he has gotten this far. I worry that his progression is the bigger issue and it makes me feel that half of my country has gone to crap. I’m definitely voting for hillary, and I’m already missing having Obama as President. He and Michelle both had class like no other. In New York, i think everyone feels the same – i only know one person who is voting for Trump, and she’s a co-worker who everyone dislikes, lol!

    • I thought both the Obama’s speeches were the highlights of the convention. Trump is channeling people’s anger and frustration to get what he wants. But he is also adding a some not so veiled racism to draw more votes. I actually have relatives who are staunch Republicans. It’ll be interesting to see if they are Trump supporters (I think one of them is).

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