Unwanted Dreams

I had another strange dream.  It’s one of the reasons that I don’t really look forward to sleeping.

This time I saw my mom walking around.  But no one else could see her.  But they could see her on my smartphone while I was filming her.  Everyone was crowding around my phone while I followed her.  She went back to her old room.  She sat down and looked tired.  She told me that her legs really hurt and she was in a lot of pain.

That was it.  It wasn’t the dream I wanted.


25 thoughts on “Unwanted Dreams

  1. Aw. 😦 Sad dream, Matt. 😦
    I’m sure you think of your Mom a lot…so, I’m not surprised she shows up in your dreams. She still loves you and wants you to be happy. All good moms are like her.

  2. Often times I fall asleep listening to nature documentaries. I find that my mind tend to dream about the birds and animals and nature more often when I do that.

      • Oh gosh no offense taken … sorry if it came out that way. A few weeks ago, I was having dinner with my siblings and was reminded that I have an appt with the medium in a few months. I know my brother “spoke” to my dad and mom. I’ve always wondered if they were happy with me at how I turned out. And there have been this lingering thoughts since that dinner that I could have done more to help them. Right now I’m not 100% in job search mode. I’ve seen my dad work late into the nights writing resumes and letters. So there’s a bit of guilt there even though our circumstances are different. Maybe that’s why the dream turned out that way.

        Anyways that was a bit of the thoughts that was swirling around me for the past few weeks. I always look forward to feedback and comments from all of you guys. Have a great day!

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