The other day I was sitting for awhile and stretched my back over the chair.  As I arched over the back of the chair and pulled my head forward, I felt a comfortable popping of my spine.  Yes, I’m one of those people that crack my joints.  A relative taught me how to crack my knuckles and toes when I was around 9 or 10.   My mom was so angry at her.  She would tell me that my knuckles would swell when I get old and they would become very painful.  But I continued.  Over time, I even found new ways of cracking my knuckles.  In my teens, I discovered that I could crack my spine.  I found ways of cracking my knees, ankles, jaw and neck.

I eventually stopped cracking my neck.  I still crack my knuckles especially when I’m waiting at a stop light.  I’ve reduced cracking my spine.  But lately I’ve started cracking my back again.  Last year when I had a lot of back problems, I went to a chiropractor for several sessions.  For some reason, whenever he adjusted my back it never popped.  I did tell him I cracked my back a lot.   He mentioned that  just because I can make my spine pop doesn’t mean I’m doing it the right way.  I could be over extending ligaments, tendons and joints.

It’s a crazy habit.  I’ve gradually replaced the cracking with gentle stretching of the joint.  But it doesn’t feel as satisfying.

But I don’t think I’ll try this though.


18 thoughts on “Crack!!!

  1. Yikes. The feeling is very satisfying I’m sure. They say the cracking noise is just air pockets collapsing isn’t it?

  2. Egads, Matt! That vid freaks me out! 😮 😛
    I have never been able to crack anything but nuts! Ha! 😀 You know, the kind you eat…walnuts, pecans, almonds.
    The whole cracking of the neck thing is wild…I have friends who can do that. It disturbs me. Ha! 😀
    So, was your mom right? Any swollen knuckles yet?
    Enjoy your cracking and popping! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…I have a relative who goes to a chiropractor and he said the chiro-dude doesn’t like the phrase “back cracking”. Ha. 🙂

    • My knuckles do look a bit odd. I don’t crack my toes anymore. The lower back gets a mild crack in the morning but I think a good stretch could do just as well.

      I know chiropractors don’t like that term. It’s usually called an adjustment or manipulation. The popping sound is just a side effect from it.

  3. OMG! Matt are you kidding me? I think that would be a torture, regardless of how satisfying it would be. That video actually made my spine hurt!
    Cracking knuckles is a common habit of many Asians and South East Asians I think. I used to crack my knuckles a lot. Not so much now.

  4. Oh be careful with your back! The knuckles snaps are just the fluid popping out thus resulting in that sound – which is like nails on a chalkboard for me – but from what I understand, all that snapping feels good. Does it harm us? Who knows 🙂

    • Yeah, a lot of people don’t like that sound. I cracked my neck once beside my coworker and he gave me a jab on my shoulder because it sounded so gross. But I will be careful with my back.

  5. i never enjoyed cracking any part of my body. when i go for a massage, i always tell my therapist to Not crack any part of my body. after seeing that video, the only thing i could think of was… HELL NO!

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