My Nocturnal Friend

I should be in bed by now.  But my friend, Insomnia, has dropped by for another visit.  I used to resent his visits but over time, I’ve grown to accept him.  Perhaps he’s lonely and wants my company.  I pride myself on being a good listener but he’s a quiet chap and doesn’t talk much.  Most times, I lie quietly in bed while he putters around my condo.  While he doesn’t say much, his presence stirs unsettled thoughts and emotions in my head.

They are those things I should have done today and the things to worry about tomorrow.  He has a subtle way of nudging me to think about things when I just want to sleep.  There have been times when I’ve stayed up with him to welcome the sun.  Hopefully he’ll leave in an hour or two.  In the meantime, I got a lot of things to mull over.

I guess it’s gonna be a 2 or 3 cup coffee day tomorrow.


17 thoughts on “My Nocturnal Friend

  1. AW, poor you. 😦
    I wish your friend, Insomnia, would take a long vacation to Jamaica and let you get some sleep.
    But, I love how you wrote this! Good write, Matt!
    PS…I am nocturnal, too. Or, as some of my family members say…vampiral. 😮 😀

  2. Guess what I found Matt? Egyptian Chamomile tea. A friend in Chicago recommended that as she also has our malady. I drink a cup of that with a tsp of honey, and I get good sleep. In the recent past , I have made it a habit to get out of bed, walk in the corridor, get back to bed and read for about twenty minutes. That usually helps a lot too. Try getting the Egyptian Chamomile tea bags. Available on Amazon.

  3. it’s always about advance planning in my head that keeps me up. no matter how hard i try, most times i just can’t switch off my mind from keep working overtime. i guess this means i worried too much.

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