Pride Toronto 2016

Here’s some pictures of last week’s Pride Parade in Toronto.  My photography skills has eroded because I don’t use my camera regularly.  I was standing in a mixture of sun and shadows which confused me.  I also didn’t set the aperture and ISO properly to freeze the marchers.  There were quite a few blurred pictures.  My conclusion… I need a new camera.

1. Marching for Orlando.  It was touching to see the names of the victims from the recent Orlando shooting.  They marched for those who can’t.IMG_1689

2.  The only good picture I have of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  You can see a bit of Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne just in front of the woman in yellow and Toronto Mayor John Tory  at the right side of the picture.  I got more pictures of the security guarding Trudeau. IMG_1760

3.  The lady in red?IMG_1797

4.  From the folks at Fido (telecommunications company).IMG_1856

5. The guys from Trojan condoms.  Those abs…IMG_1876

6.  Colourful hat IMG_1955

7.  I agree!IMG_1973

8.  ACAS (Asian Community AIDS Services)IMG_1992

9.  I like ramen… it’s the only reason I took this photo.  From Touhenboku Ramen.IMG_2026

10.  There were marchers from universities and colleges too.  Here are some of the Engineering students from the  University of Waterloo.IMG_2189

11.  This guy needs to get some chow mein and fried rice in his diet.IMG_2208

There has been a lot written about the 30 minute delay in the parade caused by Black Lives Matter.  They were invited to march in the parade as an honored group.  They held a sit in during the parde and didn’t move until Pride agreed to their demands.  Their demands included more support and funding for black LGBTQ community including hiring more blacks, restoring funding for more activities and better support for events during pride.  They argue that black queers continue to be marginalized even by Pride.  They also demanded the removal of police floats from future Pride parades.  There were a lot of police marchers and volunteers in the parade – a far cry from what relationship was like years ago.  There’s a decent summary of some of the articles here by Advocate.  Since the parade, BLM has faced a lot of criticism as well as support.  I wish BLM would have handled this differently.  I think their message got lost in their protest.   Pride signed off on their demands.  The next day they said they did this so the parade would get going again.

Others have argued the original Pride parades were protest marches and we shouldn’t forget the roots.  BLM is just reminding us that there is still a lot of work to be done.  It’s a complex issue and it’ll be interesting to see how the Pride committee handles this.


20 thoughts on “Pride Toronto 2016

  1. How wonderful! Thank you for sharing this event with us, Matt!
    I’m glad it was fun and safe and meaningful!

    #1 brought tears to my eyes.
    #5 OOH! I vote for the Trojan guys! Oh…wait…I guess we’re not voting on anything. Anyways, I like them! 😉 😀
    #9 I don’t think that’s the only reason you took that photo! 😉 😛
    #11 Ha! I like your caption/commentary! Maybe he needs YOU in his diet??!!

    Looks like a lot of important groups were represented! That is so cool!

    It would be interesting to know how the Pride committee handles that.

    This will age me…but, I remember the Pride parades when I lived in San Francisco in the late ’70’s and all of the ’80’s. Okay, I was just a baby then, but I remember them! 😉 Actually, I had just graduated from college when I moved there (I was 20 years old) and I did my grad-work there.

    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. I miss Toronto pride! Nice photos especially #10…cute guy!

    I am a bit divided in the black lives matter. Agree it’s a good place and appropriate way to get your voice heard. Not so much of a fan okay I people getting paid.

      • Oh gosh! I was falling asleep and typing. I think I may have been dreaming and typing at the same time. That last sentence makes no sense. Disregard the entire comment! What I meant to say is:

        I think that what they did was commendable. Standing up for what they believe in cause that is where the roots of the parade came from, I.e. Marching for equality and change. What I don’t necessarily agree with is making the parade organizers sign and agree to terms on the spot. For example not allowing the police to participate in the future. That one particularly bothers me cause I think that while they may have issues with the police they should try to work with them to sort out their differences. Also by excluding them aren’t they bring a bit hypocritical?

      • No it didn’t. I had read it while waiting for guests for dinner and wanted to comment later when I had more time. I obviously should not have tried after a long day/week and while lying in my comfy bed, lol. 😊

  3. Such good pictures Matt. And what a fine man your prime minister is to take part so enthusiastically in the parade. The first picture was raw and tearful.

  4. it’s good to see different groups participating at the parade, other than just almost naked ribbed guys. this goes to show that the gay community is not one dimensional. plus, it reduces the negatives stereotypes that it’s all about flaunting sexuality.

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