A New Start

I’m officially unemployed today. I turned in my badge, corporate credit card and company laptop a day before my last day.  My manager and I shook hands, he said some nice things. I contacted a few colleagues prior to leaving to let them know where to find me on LinkedIn and to exchange contact info.  A couple offered to be references.  One endorsed me on LinkedIn.  I had a few nice conversations.   Almost everyone said this was a good thing for me and wished they could join me.  I chuckled and remembered I said the same things to others when they left.

Mostly they ask if I’m happy with the move.  I guess I am.  The stress was getting to me and affecting my health.  It wasn’t fun anymore although I liked dealing with the people.  I got into this industry by accident and found my niche.

For the past few months, I’ve been stocking up my pantry with stuff on sale (toilet paper, pasta, peanut butter, oatmeal…).  I think this is more of an emotional reaction.  It just brings back childhood worries when dad lost his job.  I keep reviewing my finances to make sure I’m ok for the next few months.

So what’s next for me?  I’ve been grappling with this for the past few months and I have no idea.  I tell people I just want to focus on improving my health.  I see this as a rare opportunity that I can’t waste.



18 thoughts on “A New Start

  1. Wow congratulations. It is odd to say congrats but. But your life narrative seems to have a lot of moments where you just wanted to leave your work behind. Here finally comes that day. I hope you find meaning and purpose now.

  2. I wanted to take the time to read this entry properly hence my late-ish reply. I can’t even imagine what it would be feel like. Try not to stress and take a moment to relax. I wish you all the best for something you’ll enjoy doing coming up!

  3. Best wishes, Matt, as you start on this new adventure! It can be frightening and exciting at the same time! 🙂

    Let us know how things progress! We care and we want all good things for you! 🙂 You WILL find your way and your place! 🙂

    BTW: I’ve been super busy lately, then my internet went down, and then I was still waiting on my last cancer-check results…wanted to get them before I blogged, so I could let everyone what was going on. So, I finally got to blog today!


  4. Holy shit, this is huge. I’m feeling the same way too about my job. It’ll be nice for you to feel less stressed and have more time to rest and exercise! Keep us posted about how you’re doing. I’m quitting in a few months as well and I’ll be going through a lot of the same emotions I’m sure…

  5. This post reminds me of how I felt leaving my last job. Definitely take advantage of all the personal time to get all that rest and to take care of yourself. Much better opportunities will come your way! 🙂

  6. sorry to have missed so many of your blogs for so long. may this be a great new beginning for you. whatever opportunity maybe waiting for you, please do take good care of your health first and foremost. HUGS.

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