Too cold and too hot

This may sound odd but I don’t really like air conditioning.  If I can feel that cold air blowing on me, then I get really uncomfortable.  At my last vacation in Taiwan, it seems all the rooms had the AC blowing on to the sleeping area.  I slept with the blanket over my shoulders and a tshirt covering my head.  When I’m in a car or a plane, I turn the air vents away from me.

When I’m driving alone, I rarely turn the AC on.  I just roll down the windows and let the air rush in.  At home, my condo does get hot during the daytime.  I’ll turn the AC on for awhile and then turn it back off once I get comfortable.  I rarely leave it on all night.

Here’s where it gets a bit weird.  I do like walking outside during the winter.  The cold wind will be blowing hard but as long as I’m bundled up, I’m fine.  But a cool draft from an air conditioner will have me shivering very quickly.  And during the winter, I do open the window to let in some fresh air.  Most of the time at night, I turn the heat off.

Maybe my metabolism is just odd.


15 thoughts on “Too cold and too hot

  1. Nothing beats fresh air from the window when you are sleeping. But in summer, with high humidity, it becomes difficult for my sinuses, and I get a headache if I don’t have the A/C on. And, walking outside in the dead of winter? No thank you. My veins still cry for the blood of the tropics! 🙂 🙂

  2. I can relate, Matt.
    I don’t like having the AC blow right on me, but in most places they put the vent right over the bed. Ack! 😦 And in cars, etc., I turn the vents down or up, so they don’t blow on me. Soi= many stores, etc., have it w-a-y too cold in the Summer…I’d have to wear a sweater if I worked there.
    The AC blowing directly on me gives me a stuffed up nose.
    But, ceiling fans seem to be okay for me. And I like the whirry sound they make. 🙂
    And glad for AC during July, especially! 🙂
    Hope you are cool when you want to be cool, and hot when you when to be hot! (and that could be innuendo. ??? 😀 😛 )

  3. I totally get what you mean. I don’t like the cool air of AC blowing on me. It feels uncomfortable to me, like something is crawling on my skin. But I also get loving the fresh crisp air of winter. Maybe that’s the difference though that outside air is fresher than the AC.

  4. I love it super cold when I sleep since I get hot easily. If I could have AC on all night while sleeping that it totally heaven for me. I love my sheets and comforter cold.

  5. No, you don’t have an odd metabolism. I’m the same way, hate A/C with a passion. Most of the time my internal temperature must be cool as my fingers and toes usually are. That’s why I do hot yoga, great way to heat up!

  6. Maybe you are just more in tune with your climate and with yourself than others.

    I despise when the car AC blows on me. I shut all the vents. When my kids’ father gets in my car he is always hot and asks why all the vents are shut.

  7. i’m the opposite from you. i turn vents away from me when in car or plane, only because i don’t like air blowing into my eyes. BUT gosh i would have an even harder time to sleep if i don’t turn on the AC. i don’t like it if it blows directly on me. but i find the colder the temperature in the room the faster for me to fall asleep.

    • I do like cool bedrooms but when the AC blows on me, I get very cold and can’t sleep properly. It’s been very hot and humid here and I had to leave the AC on at night. But I direct the vent away from my bed.

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