Hello… is someone there?

I sometimes get a feeling I’m not alone even though I’m physically alone in my condo.  If I’m working late at night, I just have my desk lamp on.  My desk is at the corner of the room and it faces the wall.  Every so often I just have this sense that someone is behind me.  I turn on all the lights and walk around.  Of course, there’s no one and the front door is still locked.

But most of the time I have this vague feeling of being reassured.  It’s as if someone is around just keeping guard.  But I don’t know who.  A couple of weeks ago, I started thinking about cats.  I’ve always had cats around me when I was a kid.  Was it one of my pet cats from long ago?  But then again, I follow a bunch of cat accounts on Instagram.

*pauses writing to release a spider out the window*

I would like to know who or what is keeping me company.  Do they see me at my best?  Or when I’m lazy and procrastinating?  Maybe it’s just Santa clause keeping tabs on who is naughty or nice.  In other unrelated news… my sibling made an appointment for me to see a medium that he and his wife both saw.




19 thoughts on “Hello… is someone there?

  1. Sheesh prob not the best blog to read whilst having trouble sleeping at 2am :S

    It’s nice that you have a good feeling about it though. Interesting how you’re going to see a medium! Why?

  2. I don’t think it was Santa Claus. ‘Cause he’s been vacationing at my pad. 😛
    As long as the feeling of someone being there is reassuring. I like that. And I like thinking it might be one of your cats whose 9 lives ended, but they visit in spirit. 🙂 Aw. 🙂
    I’d love to hear more about the visit to the medium!
    Great title and write, Matt! I enjoyed reading this! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

    • What the heck is Santa doing over at your place? Are you making him do yoga everyday? Maybe you got him on the threadmill too? The medium visit won’t be until November and it was booked many months ago. Apparently she’s that busy.

    • There is a condo across the street! I can see into the units very clearly when their blinds or curtains are open and vice versa. I liked that movie, I remember thinking some old movie is not going to entertain me but I really enjoyed it.

  3. I get those feelings too, especially when I am in bed and unable to sleep. I hear all sorts of small sounds, the house settling, the floor creaking, well may be not that, but I do hear lots of sounds and I too feel like I have company. I think that perhaps it’s my father!
    Are you going to share the results of your meeting with the medium?

    • The visit to the medium isn’t until the end of the year (this was booked a few months ago). It seems that was the first available slot. I guess I’ll share something from the visit – it depends on the content.

  4. i think it’s more disturbing for me to actually go to a medium than to feel someone or something in the room when there is really nothing there. i believe spirits are real. and i’m not sure i can trust a medium.

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