Slow Day(s)

I started Sunday with a flurry of activities.  The laundry machine was filled early.  Breakfast was quick.  The ironing board made another appearance.  The TV cheered me on with Formula One racing.  I dragged the vacuum cleaner out and the duster too.  In between the flurry of activity, I made some stock with a lot of leftover vegetable peelings and leftover chicken bones along with some celery, onions and carrots.

By now, the Indy 500 was on.  I watched a bit of that and did some chores.  I looked at the other things on my to do list and my energy started to wane. I needed to do some more filing and decluterring.  The hardwood floors needed to be mopped.  My inner sloth took over.  I moved in slow motion.  My sister text me to say she was dropping off some food.

It was some fried rice and bbq pork.  By now the Indy 500 was over and I was watching NASCAR racing even though I wasn’t a fan.   I devoured the entire container of fried rice.  All that carbohydrates sent me into an early slumber.  I think I found my sleeping pill.  The only side effects – a bigger waistline.

Unfortunately, I felt the same way today.  I did absolutely nothing.  I remembered hitting the snooze button, waking up an hour later, a quick shower, a cup of coffee and totally blanked out.  The next thing I knew it was after 5PM.  I made some soup, watched a baseball game followed by several reruns of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown.

I hope I’m more productive tomorrow.


19 thoughts on “Slow Day(s)

  1. Were you more productive today, Matt?! 😉 😀

    We all need down days, lazy days, goof-off days. 🙂

    At least you got some chores done. And the chicken stock sounds yummy! 🙂

    You need a handsome man to be your maid, cook, bottle scrubber, etc! 😉 😛 One who doesn’t need to be paid…just works for the joy of pleasuring you! 😀

    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. it’s so tough to be productive. especially when you had planned on doing so. i find i’m more productive when i’m not doing something i’m supposed to do. i’m weird that way.

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